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Prince of Doom went live on April 16, 2008 and has only gone downhill since.

11/20/2015Added Marking of the Days in it's (extant) entirety.
11/17/2015Fixed some broken links in fanart. Posted new chapter to Between Two Evils. Chapter 22.
10/13/2012Fixed Contact email issues and revamped Fangirl Vision.
3/21/2012I got a present! Enjoy some gift art by Pink based on Between Two Evils. Thank you so much! ♥
12/24/2011Happy Holidays! To celebrate the return of the sun, there is some new Lotor art from the Voltron United and Drawn book. Enjoy!
12/15/2011Posted Chapter 20 of Between Two Evils. Please leave a comment to encourage me!
11/19/2011BeyondDenubian.com seems to have gone to that great server in the sky. RIP! It was one of the first and best L/A sites that I found. Recovered the A Woman Grown fic.
11/16/2011Posted Chapter 19 of Between Two Evils. Please leave a comment to encourage me! I have an outline and most of Chapter 20 done, and everything! Plus, it's past time the Lotor Dress-up Doll was revived.
10/18/2010Posted Chapter 18 of Between Two Evils
10/12/2010Make my day, use my new contact form! Just for grins, I redid PoD using my nascent php ski11z. Aside from the menu, banner, and contact form, there's not really anything new, I'm afraid.
08/13/2010I went through and fixed some broken links, including the link to Patty's Chains fic now including the last two chapters! Before you get too excited, don't expect a lot of L/A romance. I removed A Prince and a Gentlemen from the link list. I hope it will will only be down temporarily.
05/03/2010Posted Chapter 17 of Between Two Evils There's been a lot of new L/A fic going at at fanfic.net, and that's nifty to see, even if some of the goings-on there are not so nifty.
03/04/2010I wish I had a new chapter to offer you, but not yet. Instead please accept some fan art and fan fiction rescued from the internet archives. Dr. Kat's Six Days fic is one of my faves, but until now all I could find started on 'day three'. I've recovered it almost completely and you can read it here. Six Days is the third fic in a series. I also recovered the second fic: My Better Half. Y'all may also like Redemption and Destiny by Silverrose.
01/03/2010Happy New Year everyone. Posted Chapter 16 of Between Two Evils I found more of the Six Days fic in the Internet Archives. Hopefully I'll be making that more accessible soon.
11/13/2009Zejan's got a Deviant art account. A likely place to spot Voltron art, Lotor, and other white-haired pretty boys.
11/01/2009Posted Chapter 15 of Between Two Evils. Thank you to those who nominated Prince of Doom at the 2008 Voltron Fandom Awards. Those nominations bore fruit, and I am pleased to share the spiffy award image. I'm so tickled! Marking of the Days was updated in August with two chapters, just in time for my birthday. Yay! Also, I went through and fixed some broken links.
06/25/2009I haven't updated in a bit, but I have some treats for you all. Here is some L/A art in progress, plus Chapter 14 of Between Two Evils. Remember, your comments encourage me! And lastly a scan of the Lotor-including GoLion Collection 2 DVD Cover.
05/12/2009Posted Chapter 13 of Between Two Evils. PoD is honored to host the 'About Love' vid in much better quality than can be seen on YouTube. Thanks, Onixx!!
04/21/2009Added a new comic image, the promotional image with Lotor and Allura that was never published in the comic books. Thanks, Lotornomiko, for helping me find it! If you haven't seen it, check out the sculpture of Prince Lotor at this site--I totally want to run my fingers through that hair. And yay! Marking of the Days was updated!!
04/08/2009New adult fanart Beautiful Spoils of War by Heather Fox. Thank you, Heather!!
03/17/2009Posted Chapter 12 of Between Two Evils, also added some fanart
02/25/2009Added a ‘Readers' Choice’ Section to the fic recommendations.
02/21/2009I wrote some L/A non-con: you can read it here
02/14/2009I added a bunch of Treasure of Planet Tyrus and My Brother is a Robeast screencaps, including a collage of Lotor's relaxing massage, plus a new fic of interest: Six Days by Dr. Kat.
02/04/2009Non-con aficionados may wish to check out Interrogation by ebon_drake who has graciously allowed me to host. Y'all may like this fanart gallery. AND fans of 'A Woman Grown' by Tamysan, never say botias didn't do you any favors—first, join this Yahoo group and then enjoy Chapter 10, Chapter 11, Chapter 12, and an Epilogue;
01/22/2009Updated BTE
01/17/2009Added some vids
01/11/2009Added some more fan art links (Thank you, Heather!!), and now I've pretty much 'mouse-over'ed everything :P p.s. this made me snicker (it's a bit naughty)
01/03/2009Added a few fic recs, but mostly I've been having WAY too much fun with mouse-overs: give the episode guide and fan art links a fly-over. P.S. I know some folks print out fic. If anyone printed the fic Compassion it would be lovely if you emailed me
12/17/2008Added fanart page, new link--I just discovered Lotor Dress-up Doll
12/13/2008Added wedding collage to screen caps plus new icons
12/12/2008Added Fangirl Vision to the adult fan art section
12/10/2008added more than 80 new screen caps. It's a travesty that I called this a Lotor fansite, but had no Lotor's Clone screen caps. That's now been corrected and much more! Thrill to Lotor with a tadpole mustache in Attack of the Fierce Frogs! Squee as Lotor shows how well he handles a sword (or two) in The Sincerest Form of Flattery!
10/31/2008added some fic links, made Lotor not be lavender in my banners anymore, fixed same issues with wallpaper
10/29/2008added episode guide
10/15/2008added adult page
10/09/2008updated BTE, added fic link
09/01/2008added screencaps
08/27/2008updated BTE
08/16/2008updated BTE
08/14/2008added fic recs/sites/Voltron I's Lament
08/02/2008added fic rec
07/07/2008added new vid
06/16/2008added new site
04/16/2008Prince of Doom goes live!