Lotor In the Comic

I purchased the comic as the Hardcover Omnibus. I really enjoyed it and would recommend it to any Voltron fan. The only problem is that some of the pages in the Omnibus are out of order, which is mildly annoying.

I liked the way Devil's Due updated the story and fleshed out the characters. To my mind they trimmed a fair bit of the cheese without carving away too much of what made Voltron cool.

And now, on with the Lotor-centric summary. Not too spoilery I wouldn't think.

Many things are the same in the comic–Lotor likes Allura...

...almost as much as he likes himself

...which is approximately how much he hates Keith.

Keith beats him.

Lance... doesn't.

And Lotor still gets interrupted just when things were starting to get interesting...

Merla's got a new look, no more 'Queen of Planet Wagner.' She's working some sort of Goth/Biker fusion now, very hot.

It's not enough to make Lotor want to be her psychically-whipped love monkey though. Lookit Merla fondle the merchandise!!

But, just because Lotor can't take it, doesn't mean he's not dishin' it out.

Wow. The way he grabs Allura's wrist–that's just terrible...

...which might explain why he's still paying his girlfriends by the hour. A coincidence that she's blond? Hmmm.

He seems to have only one 'servant with benefits' instead of a harem-full, which is in line with the character changes they made in general.

Comic Lotor is 'Lotor Lite': he's more spoiled than vicious and actually has a code of honor. He's right out of Conqueror U. (the earrings make sense now don't they?) and still has somewhat of a clean slate.

This makes him rather less tragic, able to interact with the heroes in a real way, and worthy of having a few hero moments himself within Western fiction conventions. And he does, my favorite parts of the comic.

Actually, why don't we just watch some more of that wrist-grabbing?

Oh my, no! He shouldn't be doing that AT ALL.

So cute when he's cranky! GRR!!

Loincloth Mysticism... I do believe I'm feeling a call to worship.

Promotional image that was never published in the comics.