by ebon_drake

Consider this WARNING your promise of explicit, non-consensual sex.

With a low groan of pain, Allura finally opened her heavy eyelids. All that greeted her was a seemingly endless stretch of blinding white. After a few moments, though, the light gradually melted away into a wild disarray of blurred images and colors. She struggled to keep her eyes open, but all in vain. Her head slumped down in defeat, exhausted.

Where was she? Allura couldn't even answer that question herself. Her thoughts were as erratic and confused as her vision, flitting about in her mind like millions of butterflies. Her entire body ached as if she had endured several beatings, and her head was throbbing horribly. Slowly turning her face to the side, Allura coughed to clear her dry throat, and then immediately grimaced. Her ribs felt like they were bruised.

After sitting in silence for another moment, she gritted her teeth and shifted her body in an attempt to stand. She managed to lift herself up a few inches before she once again collapsed in weariness. What was wrong with her? She felt as weak as a child. Heaving a sigh of frustration, she opened her eyes again. Just exactly where the hell was she?!

This time, though, she was gratified to find that her sight was considerably more in focus than it had been previously. Squinting, Allura could make out the metallic, silver walls of the unfamiliar room she was in, along with a table that was in front of her. Peering more closely at the table, she could see that it was a....

....Oh, my God!!! That's an interrogation table!!...., she thought in a sudden rush, her throat constricting in fear.

Had she been captured?! Ignoring her lack of strength, Allura managed to fly up out of the chair she had been sitting in. To her dismay, she discovered that both of her hands were cuffed together. She tried to quell the rising level of panic within her, but without much success. How were they able to capture her? How?!

Suddenly, the horrible truth dawned upon her. Everything. Everything came flooding back into her memory. Every painful and agonizing detail of what felt like her Lion becoming engulfed in flames, plunging back down to Arus like some massive rock. Was Blue Lion destroyed?! And what happened to the other guys? Had they been captured, as well?!

Her breathing began to quicken into a series of shallow gasps.

This isn't happening... This isn't happening..... We couldn't have been captured..... We have Voltron...., her thoughts flooded her mind as she fought with her restraints futilely, ....had Voltron.... He *can't* be defeated!....

Even though she knew her struggles would not cause the cuffs that captured her hands to loosen, she still let out a strangled sob of frustration and her back slid down the smooth, metallic wall in defeat when they did not. She was now slumped on the floor, her knees pulled up to her chest as if to protect her vulnerable front from an unseen threat.

Everything that she had feared had seemed to come to pass. She did not want to think about what would inevitably be in store for Arus. Allura shivered in fear and something else, the coolness of the room finally creeping in through the thin material of her pink and white flight suit. Her thoughts turned to her team mates, her cerulean eyes flashing with despair.

....What's happened to them??.... God, what they must be going through....

At this thought, the Princess of Arus began to make a conscious effort to try and slow down her frantic breathing, her chest rising and falling with each ragged breath. Fear would not help her at this moment; it would only hinder her. If she wanted a chance to help out the guys at all, she would need to keep alert, no matter how tempted she was to give into the terror she was feeling....

Allowing herself a few moments, she stood back up, albeit a bit shakily, and assessed her surroundings with more calmness than she had allowed herself earlier, brushing aside some unruly bangs that were in her face. The room was small. The table that had so ensnared her attention earlier was situated in the center, with the chair she had been occupying set up next to it. On one side of the room, there was a tinted, two-way viewing mirror. Other than that, the room was sparse.

Her attention focusing on the mirror, Allura's eyes narrowed in anger, wondering if anyone was watching her from the other side of it. How long would they have probably been watching her, enjoying the mental torture she was going through? What sick bastard could just sit there and enjoy tearing lives apart, killing people for the pure sake of killing?

Her lips curling in an uncharacteristic snarl, she made her mind up immediately at that moment, all of the prior terror she had felt earlier forgotten. Come what may, she was going to do everything within her power to get herself and the guys out of this hell-hole and save Arus, or die trying. Allura felt that she was probably going to die today regardless of what she did, anyways. What could they possibly do to her, if she was recaptured, that would be any worse than what would have undoubtedly happened to her had she done nothing?

Allura made a move to seize the chair she had woken up in and cursed when she felt the tug of the restraints that held her hands together. She had forgotten about that! She had wanted to ram the mirror with it. Well, no matter. Adrenaline fueling her, the princess issued a loud yell and charged towards the wall in front of her, launching her body against the dark, two-way mirror; she was willing to take her chances with whoever was inside.

As expected, the two-way mirror merely shuddered as her shoulder slammed into it. Grunting in pain, Allura steadied herself and rammed her body into the mirror a second time. It wavered a little more upon impact, but still didn't give way as much as she had hoped. Regaining her breath, she prepared to charge a third time. Before she could launch herself, however, the sound of the door to the room sliding open caused her to halt her movements and quickly whip her head around. Her breath immediately caught in her throat, all prior ideas of escape lost at the moment. It couldn't be....

The Drule male who stepped into the room was massive, his body easily possessing at least twice the mass than that of the commander of the Voltron Force, which only added to his already intimidating appearance. A high-ranking officer's uniform clothed his tall frame, and delicately tapered ears surfaced out from underneath his white mane, which flowed down to his mid-back.

He was actually surprisingly handsome, considering his parentage. However, his chiseled features were marred by an arrogant smile that curved across his lips as his felinoid eyes glimmered with amusement at her pathetic attempts at escape. She had caught only brief glimpses of him before on the view screens at Castle Control, but she knew who this man was.... He must have been the one behind the mirror observing her.

Noticing her stricken look, the Drule's smirk only grew as he finally spoke.

"Ha'ave maha'i va'ekser ida'al.... nida'e?"

His tone was deep and rich, blending into the surrounding air.

Allura slowly and cautiously straightened herself out, never taking her eyes off him. She knew of his reputation, and the fear that had coursed through her veins was threatening to resurface, but that would only aid him.... Setting her mouth into a thin line, she would not give this murderer the satisfaction. The door to the room finally slid shut behind his huge form, effectively isolating the two of them together even more.

When she failed to answer, the male's sardonic expression lessened slightly as he came closer, repeating the question he had asked earlier.

"Ha'ave maha'i va'ekser ida'al nida'e?"

Although she was tempted to shrink away, the Arusian princess stood her ground as he moved towards her. She remained stalwart.

Knitting his prominent brows together in what looked to be mild anger, he backhanded her lightly across the face with a gloved hand.


That did it. Her eyes blazing blue fire, Allura recovered from the stinging blow and strained against the bonds that still pinned her arms behind her back.

"A'akvao'shi'tne! Se'i ai fe'an'shta'e!!" she screamed at him.

The Drule paused, looking momentarily surprised as he raised a pale eyebrow curiously.

"So, you do speak my language?" He asked in Basic, his voice slightly clipped and accented.

"What do you think?" she spat with as much venom as she could muster, "Or are you as stupid as you are savage?"

At this, the cool smile returned to his face, seemingly unaffected by the insult.

"My, Princess Allura, you certainly are full of surprises, aren't you?" he chuckled, pacing around her at a slow and deliberate pace, his footsteps echoing hollowly within the small room, once again reminding her just how diminutive she was, "I do not like to be ignored....," by now, he was right in front of her, and she had pressed herself up against the metal interrogation table, "But as I was saying before, are these accommodations not to your liking? You put up quite a show a few moments ago."

"What do you want with me, you son of a bitch?" the fear and disdain were quite obvious in her tone as she tried to edge herself as far away from him as the table behind her would allow; his vicinity was now uncomfortably close.

Disregarding her inquiry, the tall male grimaced and took her chin in an iron grip, making her to look up at him. His golden eyes flashed warningly.

"You will give me the respect that I am due, Princess....," he informed her flatly, "Do you know who I am?"

Despite her predicament, Allura began to laugh in his face. He blinked in surprise as her musical peals of laughter rang in the air when she should have been pleading for her life.

"Yes, I know who you are, Prince Lotor.... And just what have you done to earn any respect? Slaughter defenseless people? Destroy whole planets needlessly? Your reputation precedes you! ....An animal is due more respect than you could ever warrant!"

The Drule prince abruptly released his grip on her. Allura cringed when he reached behind her, but her tense muscles relaxed somewhat when she felt him remove the restraints she had been struggling with and place them on the table with a dull sound. His countenance possessed a deadly serenity in reply to her mocking words.

"You have an unusual amount of bravado for someone who's planet is about to be incinerated," his tone was infuriatingly calm, despite his azure skin flushing slightly with anger, "Do you have any idea the present situation you are in?"

Allura rubbed her chafed and swollen wrists as she glared at his offending presence.

"Well, I'm here with you, aren't I? ....Again, what do you want? We are a peaceful people.... We have done nothing to warrant occupation from the likes of you!"

"Your very stance against the Empire is enough to warrant occupation!" Lotor argued in a deceptively benevolent tone, "Out of the entire Galaxy, you are the only hold-out. Everyone else has wisely chosen to surrender to us-"

"Because you overrun them with your military and kill off anyone who can possibly stand against you!" Allura shouted in rage.

"-and now know prosperity!" he growled, choosing not to acknowledge her interruption, "Your continuing resistance is fruitless, a challenge to our authority, and a blatant disregard to the generosity that the Drule Empire chooses to bestow-"

"Generosity?!" she choked, unsure of how to reply to this.

Lotor immediately closed in on her.

"Interrupt me again, Princess, and I will find a way to silence you," he ground out warningly, "Despite your outright lack of manners, I have shown you nothing but leniency, but I think that you'll find that even my patience has its limits."

Allura fought to still herself, but she continued to glower at him furiously. When he saw that she had finally fallen silent, he roughly released her.

"We have tried to deal with you civilly on your terms, but you have continued to assert your independence from us and engage in guerilla warfare with my troops."

"I will not speak with you as if my planet is the instigator in this war," Allura replied coldly, stiffly turning her head away from him, "You will now answer my questions. Where are my team members? And what has befallen Voltron?"

The dark prince again was rendered incredulous at the gall of this small, blonde Terran. Where was she finding the courage to address him so? Any other person in her position would have been cowering in fear by now, looking for any avenue of escape.... And here she was, openly challenging him! This would have normally incensed him, but he found himself intrigued by her for some reason...

....This little chit has more balls than most of my men....

Well, balls or no, she needed to learn who was master here. Lotor began to pace again, predatorily, which he noticed agitated her.

"That's odd.... I was not aware that a role reversal has taken place here....," he mused out loud, and then that irritating smirk she had seen earlier slid across his features once again, "Have I now been captured by your armies unknowingly?" he laughed softly, but decided to humor her for novelty's sake, "....Although I would like to say that we have also captured the ilk you serve with, I fear I would be lying if I did. Your Lion was brought down and captured before Voltron was formed.... The other Lions unfortunately managed to elude my robeast.... All though all five Lions would have been ideal, one Lion is enough. Your Lion currently is our docking bay awaiting scientific examination."

"Well, at least some hope still exists for my people....," the Arusian princess muttered bitterly.

Lotor's mouth visibly tightened, and he paused in his movements.

"As I said before, we have tried to deal with you on your terms, but you continue to resist.... If we need to make an example of Arus for others as to what happens to those who dare challenge my authority, then, so be it."

"That's all you're capable of, isn't it? Violence!" she hissed in anguish, "You speak of civility, but you're nothing more than a savage and a barbarian!"

Immediately, Allura found herself being whirled around and slammed into the wall behind her. She gasped from the wind being knocked out of her, but was otherwise unharmed. When she finally opened her eyes, she quickly found herself wedged tightly against a body as impenetrable and solid as rock.

The Drule prince squared his jaw in frustration as he looked down on the one who continued to fight him.... What was with this girl?!

"Savage or no, barbarian or no," he whispered to her softly, almost seductively, his hot breath bathing her ear in warmth, making her shudder, "You will surrender to me, little one.... How someone like you has managed to stand against my Father again and again escapes me, but this ends here," at this point, he prevented her from slamming her head into his own in an impromptu head-butt, "....Now. You *will* negotiate with me."

Never in her life had Allura felt so livid. She achingly arched her back in an attempt to break away from this.... this.... for the life of her, she could not think of name foul enough to describe this fiend...., but she had been effectively rendered immobile and breathless by his powerful frame. Her ear still felt seared from his touch earlier.... and she was all of a sudden painfully aware of the heat that emanated from his hard body, and how vulnerable a position she was in now.

"If you think that I'll cooperate with you, you're delusional," she sneered, wisps of blonde tresses escaping her tight bun, "And from what I understand, the Drule do not negotiate.... You destroy first, and ask questions later!"

Lotor, for the first time, was at a loss for what to do with this little, two-bit girl....

....Does she have any idea who she is dealing with??....

But a part of him remained mystified.... There was something, he couldn't tell what, that was almost alluring about her continuing defiance.... However non-imposing her stature was, she was somehow finding the courage to resist what she must know to be the inevitable.... Despite himself, the dark prince found his interest in her piquing - this woman was a challenge.

"We have all the time in the world to argue this over," he smirked as his breathing started to quicken with excitement, "You will give me what I need, and I can be patient when it is required of me....Now, what is the secret of Voltron? Where are the plans for it kept?"

"What exactly could you do to me make me betray my own planet?" Allura inquired bitingly, the devil-may-care grin that graced her face widening, despite her situation, "You know perfectly well that you're going to kill me regardless of what I say or do."

He shook his head in amazement.... Surely she was going mad!

"I am afraid that you are more useful to me alive at this moment, Princess.... And I can be incredibly persuasive when it is needed....," Lotor trailed off insinuatingly, a note of trepidation entering his voice, as one of his hands slid ever so slowly down her body and came to rest on the inner curves of her waist, "You are a beautiful woman, Allura...."

For the first time, he omitted her proper title in his speech. Allura's grin faded and her oceanic eyes widened in alarm as she felt his fingers graze across her. She had been prepared for torture, but this....?

....How dare he!....

Before she even realized what she was doing, one of her fists came flying up and swiftly decked him under his jaw. Almost immediately, her heart stopped in mid-beat. ....What the hell had she done??....

For a moment, it seemed like time itself had frozen as he stared out somewhere into space, his own gaze widened in shock. Cursing her own stupidity, Allura snapped her eyes shut to avoid seeing the blows that would inevitably fall upon her in response to her idiotic action- there was no knowing what he was going to do next!....

Gasping out loud, her attention was forcibly refocused on him as her wrists were yanked above her head and squeezed painfully together with one his large hands. His other lightly massaged his jaw as he cracked it back into alignment. However, instead of appearing wrathful, Lotor merely seemed rueful, with that damned crooked half-smile he always seemed to wear returning to his features.

....Ah, dammit!!!....

"Damn, you know, for being as small as you are, you're definitely a hellcat.... I'll have to remember that for later on in the future," he mused grudgingly, bringing his hand up and caressing her chin, but when she tried to turn her head away, his steel grip on her strengthened and forced her to look at him, "Now, do you wish to test my boundaries further, Princess?" by now his voice had taken on a gloating tone, and his cat-like eyes were positively dancing with amusement, "Or are you finally going to cooperate? I will gladly accommodate whichever way you wish to go...." His hand released her face and slowly traveled down the front of her flight suit, his fingers idly playing with the zipper that fastened it.

Allura felt panic seizing her again as sweat began to bead on her forehead.... In Altarus' name, she had been preparing herself for everything *but* the direction that the present situation was escalating to!.... She desperately strained forward against his hold on her, but it merely succeeded in thrusting her breasts into his open palm and pushing her petite body against his own massive frame, yet again delivering an unneeded reminder of their physical differences.

Lotor concealed a groan that reverberated within the back of his throat as he felt her body grinding up against his own with her constant struggling.

The hellion had no idea that the only thing her resistance was accomplishing was to further egg him on....This was not how he originally intended for this interrogation to go, but....

....If it accomplishes the same purpose, then.... so much the better....

The Arusian princess paled, her heart racing a million miles an hour, when he closed in on her again, his breathing turning ragged in her ear. She had to bite down hard on her lip to keep from crying out when he nipped her earlobe with one of his canines.

....OhmyGodohmyGodohmyGod.... This isn't happening!!....

"Trust me when I say that I can make you tell me *everything* that I need to hear, Princess," he breathed heatedly, his voice thickening with arousal; she jumped within his iron grasp as he cupped her breast and gently molded it to fit the contours of his hand, massaging it lightly through the material of her flight suit, "....everything...."

His next words were a little difficult to understand since they were run together, but she received the gist of them loud and clear, "....Ma'vehu'e la'i pu'acha'a...."

Abruptly throwing her head as far back from him as her position would allow, she hissed with as much disdain as possible, "Fuck you, you perverted bastard! You repulse me!" and spat in his face.

Instead of phasing the dark prince, it seemed merely only to encourage him further. An evil smirk hovered just above his lips, and his eyes were dangerously amorous. One hand still holding her aching wrists above her head, he neatly wiped away the saliva that clung to his cheek with the other, and purposely wiped it on her own face in turn, his touch lingering almost lovingly on her skin.

Without warning, Allura's whole world came crashing down as he lifted her slender frame up and crushed it against the metallic wall with his own huge mass, expelling the rest of the air from her lungs in one quick breath and pressing her body up against his broad chest. Her "fight-or-flight" senses kicked in simultaneously, but he only seemed to work with what limited movement she was capable of making, the twisting and squirming of her body providing new avenues for him to access.

His large hand slid slowly and deliberately down past her front and towards her ass, where he squeezed hard. Before she could yell in indignation, his mouth captured her own, effectively silencing her as he kissed her savagely, forcing her head back against the wall. He squeezed her chafed wrists tightly together, making her gasp in pain, which gave his tongue further room to plunder her mouth. Allura arched her back and her vocal cords vibrated with a scream that could not escape, to which Lotor answered with an animalistic growl of lust within his own throat.

She bit down on his bottom lip as hard as she could, but he pressed into her more, ignoring the pain, deepening the already intense kiss he already had her locked in. As his own blood flooded her mouth, her head began to spin, but she remained aware of his burning touch, in one place but seemingly everywhere at once. She still possessed the scant shelter her flight suit provided, but she had no idea how much longer that would last.

She gasped inwardly when he ran his hand over her thigh, his fingers roughly skimming across her inner musculature with an experienced finesse that lay hidden within the brutality of his methods. He was now trespassing into territory that no one had ever encroached upon before.

....Oh, dear God!....

Allura writhed in pure indignation, not wanting to acknowledge the growing heat that was rising within her because of what this ....barbarian!..... was doing to her.

Lotor lessened the pressure his lips had on her mouth slightly, kissing the haughty Arusian more passionately than brutally now.

Gods, this woman was something else....! The temperature in the room was high.... much too high. Repressing a guttural moan of frustration, he maintained his hold on her as he hastily unfastened and removed his cumbersome uniform shirt with his free hand in between ragged breaths, exposing the hard muscle that lay beneath. He roughly sucked on her bottom lip as he fought with himself to regain mastery of the situation.... He was not about to lose himself to her.... By the time he was finished with her, the little wench would be begging for him to take her. (author's note: yeah, ego much, anyone?)

Allura sucked in a quick gasp of realization when she felt the insistent downward tug of her flight suit's zipper, realizing that it was the last barrier that, in a fashion, separated him from her. And now it was going away!

At long last, Lotor raised up from her, and his eyes were alight with a golden fire. She finally took the full of him in since he had pinned her to the wall.... She had thought him imposing when he had first entered the room, but she did not realize just *how* imposing he really was. A light sheen of sweat glazed his azure flesh, and the harsh overhead lighting glanced off his well-defined physique. Some of his pale mane had become pasted to his forehead with perspiration, and a small amount of blood still leaked out of the corner of his mouth from when she had bitten him, making him appear more than ever like a barbarian. If he was that physically large, then how big was he....? Allura felt a primitive shudder travel down her spine at this thought.

"Where is that bravado you are so famous for now?" he uttered hoarsely, a tone of amusement lacing the arousal in his voice as he took notice of her scrutiny of him.

She said nothing, but exhaled several loud, angry breaths through flared nostrils as she gritted her teeth, shooting him the darkest look she could manage.

"Ah, there it is.... I was beginning to wonder....," he idly fingered a few strands of hair that had come undone in the midst of her struggling, "I will break you yet."

"Go to hell!"

"And I really need to teach you better manners while I'm at it, too," Lotor chuckled lowly, relinquishing her tresses as he returned his attentions back to her flight suit; the zipper was now at chest-level, exposing a generous amount of cleavage, much to her chagrin, "When I am through with you, I am going to enjoy hearing you scream for more."

Some of Allura's indignity managed to resurface.

"Not bloody likely, you narcissistic as-!"

Her angry retort was cut off as he heatedly captured her mouth again with his own, exploring the fullness of her lips. He was slightly gentler than he was when he first started out, and she found herself beginning to react to him, opening her mouth a little more to allow him more room, despite herself. Somehow, he sensed this, and he managed to form a smirk even as he kissed her.

....Arrogant pig!...., Allura thought furiously.

She again felt her flight suit being pulled open, and her heart leapt into her throat as he grazed across her taut stomach, making contact with bare flesh for the first time. The zipper went lower.... and lower.... until it got to the very bottom, and then he slipped his hand in, making her jump as if she were being scalded. Her struggling immediately began anew.

Groaning with a desire that had yet to be fulfilled, he deepened the already passionate kiss he held her in as he methodically ran his hand over every rise and curve of her smooth skin like blind man trying to memorize every detail of her body, enjoying the undulations in her flesh that her writhing was causing. He roughly released her wrists, and shifted her frame almost into a sitting position between himself and the wall. Instinctively, she wrapped her legs around his muscular torso for support, and Lotor slowly pulled the rest of her flight suit down until it was around her waist, making her shiver from her sudden exposure to the air in juxtaposition to the torrid heat emanating from his body.

....Oh, my god.... I cannot possibly be enjoying this.... he's a murderer.... A monster..... he....., Allura suppressed a shudder of pleasure, digging her nails into the wall, as he aggressively fondled her bra-encased breasts, ....knows what he's doing....

Lotor was lost as he moved down to her neck, kissing the inner crook of it with even more fervor than he had attacked her mouth with, his breath searing her skin. Through the haze of desire that veiled his own mind, he was gratified to hear her exhale hoarsely when he nipped it hard with his teeth, bringing slight blood to the surface. It was taking all of his will-power just not to take her right then and there and fuck her until she screamed his name.

With ill-concealed ferocity, he unfastened her bra, allowing her breasts to spring free from their confinement. As he cupped one of them within his large palm, he expertly manipulated her large nipples with his long fingers, making them harden and spring to life as if with a will of their own.

An audible moan of agitation and arousal finally escaped Allura's lips when she felt a hot wetness engulfing her, and her hands begrudgingly sank into his white mane, the smoothness of it sliding through her fingers like rough silk, as she thrust her chest forward against her will. This only emboldened him further as it felt like he was sucking her dry as his hard caresses sent shivers down to her very core. In between panting breaths, she gritted her teeth; her nipples were so hard now that it was almost painful, and just his blowing on them was almost sending her over the edge. He bit down slightly on her flesh, issuing a strangled cry of pain and pleasure on her part.

It was almost too much for the Drule prince. His questing mouth found her flushed lips again as he kissed her almost violently, grinding his hips against her own. The prominent erection inside his uniform pants was almost begging for release.

Allura became aware of his hands gliding down her backside and underneath the waistband of her panties, which immediately returned her to reality.

Breaking away from him, she hissed weakly in indignation, "You dare touch me any further, you savage? You disgust me-"

Her angry words were cut off as she all of a sudden choked on her own breath. Without any warning, he slid two long fingers into her slick opening, and then withdrew them as abruptly as they had entered. The Arusian princess glared murderously at him as he languidly brought them up and held them within her immediate field of vision. She could smell her undeniable arousal as it clung to his azure fingers. He took both of them and wiped it along one of her prominent cheekbones, much as he had with her own saliva after she had spit in his face earlier.

"Oh, I beg to differ," he replied thickly, his hand traveling back down to her waist, "It's a little difficult to argue with yourself, you must admit," he then whispered into her ear, "Know this.... know that that the mere 'barbarian' who is going to conquer your insignificant planet did this to you."

Her eyes churned with a sapphiresque maelstrom of rage at his sheer audacity as she bared her teeth at him. In one fell swoop, he had managed to injure the one thing that made her able to withstand almost any hardship- her pride.

"Fuck you."

She tried snapping her teeth at him as a dissuasion when he leaned into her, but she might as well have done nothing for all the good it did. Allura felt like she was going to explode when he did kiss her. Like all of his previous ones, it was both intense and stirring, arousing her yet repelling her at the same time. His hands continued where they had last left off, and were now exploring her bare skin. The waistband of her both her flight suit and her panties were now pulled down past the curve of her ass, and she heard the ominous sound of a belt coming undone. Her rage instantaneously dwindled as she blinked her eyes open in fear, realizing what was about to happen. She was still a virgin, but not such a virgin that she was unaware of the ramifications of the bulge in his uniform. There was no way it was going to fit....!

Lotor immediately sensed her muscles knot up with anxiety and her breathing quicken; her heart was starting to pound like that of a small animal.

Breaking away from her, he murmured huskily towards her, "This may hurt at first, little one...."

He inhaled a little as he felt the air hit his erect cock as it was freed from the too-tight confines of his pants. ....Gods, it felt good to be free of those! It would be difficult, but he would need to tread lightly with this girl.... Contrary to his earlier words, he did not wish to hurt her.... merely show her who was in charge here. Oddly enough, if she had been anyone else, he probably would have ravaged her already, uncaring of the pain she was going through. But for some reason, with this woman.... There was something about her. Lotor shook his head, not quite understanding yet.

At the moment, she was obviously too scared to even do anything. No insults or sneers escaped her trembling lips this time. Smirking inwardly, he was grateful for this, at least.... She had a mouth that was as bad as any of his soldiers.

Leaning into her, he gently opened her mouth with his own, and for the first time, she did not resist. As he deepened the kiss, he slowly dipped his fingers back into her snatch, causing her to arch her back and moan into his mouth as he brushed over her traitorously erect clit. Yes, she was definitely ready. Albeit her trash-talk, she wouldn't have been able to prevent his entrance had she wanted to. He withdrew his fingers and placed the head of his erection at her wet entrance, and pushed.

Allura's eyes rolled back into her head as she screamed into his mouth. It felt as if a freighter ship was trying to break through her! Tears began to collect at the corners of her eyes.

Meanwhile, it took all Lotor had to prevent himself from slamming into her without abandon. He had no idea she was going to be this tight....! He held back the groan of pleasure that was threatening to escape his throat. Her vaginal muscles were clamped around his cock as tightly as a vise encased in velvet.

Before he even realized what he was doing, he broke away with an effort from her and gasped harshly, "Try and relax.... It will be less painful...."

Since when did he care what his political prisoners felt? He privately ground his teeth in frustration.

With a muted sob, she tried to comply, and more and more of his erection then began to disappear as he pushed further into her. Through dried tears, Allura began gradually to hiss in pained pleasure as she felt her walls being stretched even further to the breaking point to accommodate his huge member.

He was only half-way in her when it appeared that he couldn't trespass any further. He kissed her passionately again, and when she shrieked again into his mouth as he unexpectedly, and savagely, pushed in the rest of his erect cock, he devoured it hungrily.

Allura didn't even know what hit her as her body was wracked with a brutal orgasm, his erection going up past her cervix and slamming into her uterus wall. His movements abruptly stopped at that, and she shuddered in the aftermath of the powerful climax, drops of sweat beading her forehead as her blonde hair splayed around her shoulders like a restless lion's mane.

"I hope you have some of your strength left, woman," he breathed, some of his old arrogance reentering his voice, "You're in for.... as you Terrans so fondly call it, a wild ride...."

"You conceited -!" her sputtering was cut off again as he silenced her in his own fashion.

With her still impaled on his erection, he breathlessly pushed into her even more until he had her pressed firmly between the wall and his powerful frame for enough leverage. Allura gasped as his tightly muscled abdomen flexed and made contact with her own flesh- why did his skin feel like it was going to burn her?

Now that she was accustomed to his length, Lotor relinquished all inhibitions he had held with her in the beginning. Pulling out of her, he slammed back into her slick depths, making her convulse in anguished pleasure. Setting a rhythm, he thrust his huge member ruthlessly into her again and again and again.

Allura tightened the grip her smooth thighs had on his torso. She had to grit her teeth to keep from crying out.... She was in pain, it felt like she was going to be split in two, but she was becoming aware of a distinct sensation that was building up over time within the pit of her stomach almost uncontrollably in synch with each of his powerful trusts.

....This is wrong! This is wrong!-....,she thought wildly between gasps, ....Oh, Jesus, this is wrong!.... Ah-

At that moment, he unexpectedly buried himself up to the hilt in her, and instantly, a crescendo of pleasure that ripped violently through her being erupted. Throwing her head back, she screamed silently as she rode out the throes of passion that assailed her body, and she savagely dug her fingernails into his back. This, with the rippling contractions of her muscles surrounding him, made Lotor lose all vestiges of control that he possessed. Burying himself into her once more, he shuddered raggedly as he released himself within her depths.

Exhaling heavily, he gradually pulled out of her and unexpectedly, and unexplainably, lightly kissed her on the forehead .He then exhaustedly rested his head against her shoulder, awaiting the moment for when his irregular breathing would return to normal.

As she listened to the sound of their hearts slowing, Allura said nothing, her wide eyes staring out into space. In strong contrast, however, her mind was an intricate haze of mass confusion, seemingly filled with a million things at once. What had just happened?? What had first started out as.... turned into this.... with him now acting like a lover rather than....? This disconcerted her, and for the first time in her life, she didn't know what to think. Not liking this emotion, she turned to the one dominant thought prevailed in her mind- escape. She had to get out of here. What about the guys- what was happening to them? Her heart began to race again.

Noticing her unrest, the Drule prince raised his head up and locked eyes with her. For he first time, all of the arrogance was absent from his felinoid eyes. Instead, he appeared just as unsettled as she did. And this unnerved her even more.

....Okay, this has to stop now...., she thought as goose bumps broke out over her pale skin, ....I don't like where this is going....

Her hands still on his broad back, she clenched her fists tightly together and brought them down as hard as she could onto one of the main pressure points on the back of his thick neck. To her disbelief, she witnessed his eyes widen in surprise and shock before he immediately collapsed with a dull thud like a stack of books onto the ground. Keith had shown her how to do that, but she hadn't expected it to work, especially on the likes of him....! He wouldn't be out for long, though.

Swallowing nervously and not questioning her mysterious good fortune, she rapidly pulled her flight suit back on over her shaking body and ran for the door. When it slid open, she glanced out to see if there were any oncoming guards, and when she saw none, she quickly stole out, but not before slamming her fist down on the button that would lock the door into place. It was probably a useless diversion since he probably had a code he could enter in to override it from the other side, but every precious second that it delayed him would be worth it.

Not looking back, Allura breathlessly ran down the passageway and into the unknown, panicking since she had absolutely no idea where she was going.

....Didn't he say that Blue Lion was being kept in a docking bay??.... This ship can't have more than one, can it?....

It had to be by the good grace of God, but somehow, between that moment and the exact point in time when she managed to locate the docking bay, she ran into no enemies, and she had yet to hear the claxons go off. When the main doors to the bay opened, she had never been so happy to see Blue Lion. He was a little burnt and worse for the wear, but otherwise appeared whole. But how had they even managed to get her Lion in here? ....A tractor beam, perhaps?

As if on cue, the alarms she had been dreading suddenly sounded, deafening her and shaking her out of her curious musings.

....It looks like Prince Charming has finally woken up...., Allura thought wryly, gritting her teeth


Dashing as quickly as her legs would carry her, she vaulted into her Lion with an accustomed ease that came from daily practice. To her surprise, the key was even still inside!

....They might as well have gift-wrapped Blue Lion for me!....

Strapping herself in, she activated the switches, and just as enemy guards and soldiers were beginning to flood into the docking bay, her Lion roared to life, eyes glowing. Smiling grimly to herself, she activated one more switch, and a wide laser knife materialized in his open mouth.

....Time to get out of here....

Ignoring the laser fire that was now glancing off of her hull, she guided Blue Lion up into the air and towards the ship's bulkhead, where she hacked viciously into it, sparks flying, until a wide opening was created. Allura almost cried in joy when she saw the familiar outline and spires of the Castle of Lions- she was still on Arus!

Blue Lion leapt out of the cavernous hole and into the open atmosphere, and to freedom.... The warm sunlight had never looked so beautiful to her until now.


The princess of Arus paced around her bedroom restlessly, her thin nightgown trailing on the ground after her. The stars had already risen in the night sky outside of her balcony many hours ago, but she had been rendered unable to sleep. Too much had happened today.... And coupled with her narrow escape.... She shivered slightly in memory.

She had found out that she had only been captured for a few hours.

....But if they had any idea what happened in those few hours....

For her own reasons, Allura kept what had really happened between her and Lotor to herself. There was no need for the guys or anyone to know.

When she had escaped from his ship, the Lions had still been doing battle with Hagar's newest creation, and after she radioed them and let them know she was still alive, Voltron was formed, and the robeast became merely the latest in a succession of monsters to be destroyed by the legendary Blazing Sword. Lotor's fleet was strangely silent, leaving afterwards without a customary derogatory taunt, or even a word.

Somehow, the robeast had severly damaged Blue Lion, and she had been pulled in by a powerful tractor beam into the open docking bay, where everything had begun to transpire in the first place.

Now, thankfully, everything was peaceful at the moment, but Allura's very soul still rocked as if by an earthquake.

She still did not understand some of the Drule prince's puzzling actions. First, he would be intent on humiliating her one moment, and then, in his own fashion, going out of his to be considerate of her. The unexpected tenderness was a mystery.... What the hell happened exactly? And then that look he had shot her right before blacking out...? He looked like he knew what was going on even less than she did.

Her thoughts turning to him, she suppressed an involuntary shudder of duplicitous pleasure. What had happened was wrong on so many levels, but.... the things he had done to her and.... another shiver ran down her spine. She had never imagined that she would have lost innocence in such a way, and....

He personified both everything that she despised and secretly desired. Desired because of what he had done, and what she had seen in his eyes before she left, and despised because of everything that he obviously stood for.

Pursing her lips, she fought the feeling that something far more significant had happened at that moment, something intangible but still insidiously linked underneath the surface. It felt almost as if their fates had become inextricably tied, and she did not doubt that she would be laying eyes on him again. She did not know what she would do when she did.

Rubbing her temples gently, she shook herself out of her reflections.

....Okay, Ally, time for bed.... No more thinking about this stuff..., she thought tiredly to herself.

Smoothing her golden hair back into place behind her ears, she padded softly into the bathroom in her room and splashed cold water onto her face. Sighing, she returned to her bedside and curled restlessly up into a ball, closing her cerulean eyes in vain.

It was going to be a long night.