Lotor/Allura Season 1 Episode Guide

So many beautiful moments... I tried the list the best Lotor Allura episodes here. Voltron episode numbers are at the top; episode names are listed across the bottom.

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Lotor tries to kiss Allura
Allura slaps Lotor
Lotor stalks Allura
Allura shoots at Lotor
Lotor captures Allura
Allura agrees to serve Lotor well, day and night (!!)
Allura doesn't follow through...
Lotor breaks into Allura's bedroom
Lotor: "Be my bride, Allura!"
Allura: "Never!"
Lotor fantasizes/dreams about Allura
Lotor plies Allura with drink
Lotor pulls Allura's head onto his lap
Lotor knocks Allura off a bridge
Lotor (or genetic facsimile) is nude
Lotor is hot
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