A Woman Grown

by Tamysan

Part Eleven

The Voltron Force had been in worse situations but none were as quite as humiliating as being led in front of Zarkon in their current state of undress. Lance, Hunk and Pidge were clad in nothing but leather briefs, chains on their wrists and ankles, while Allura was clad in the skimpiest of harem clothing – a jeweled bikini top, and a sheer skirt, slit up to her hips. She too had chains on her wrists and ankles and as an added touch, all four of them had collars with the insignia of Doom on them. This procedure was easily done by Haggar, who took a lot of glee in their humiliation.

"Here they are, Sire!" Haggar said with a flourish as Zarkon shifted in his chair – actually it was nearly a replica of the throne room chair he had on Doom.

The Doom king's eyes glinted with amusement as he viewed his new captives. "Heh, well, if it isn't the mighty Voltron Force at last."

Haggar wove herself around Lance, her hand slipping down his smooth chest. Lance shuddered in revulsion. "Yes, they certainly ARE, Sire!" She cackled lowly and Lance didn't miss her meaning at all.

"We ain't licked yet!" Hunk glared at Zarkon.

"Yeah!" Pidge growled as he clenched his fists.

"Ha! You're pinning your hopes on Lotor? You're more foolish than I thought!" Zarkon grinned as he set his eyes on the Princess. "And my dear Allura! My, how delectable you look!"

Allura's face burned with indignation and anger as Zarkon gave her the once over.

"Come here." Zarkon beckoned to her, but Allura stood still, her back stiff and her head held high.

Zarkon's eyes knitted in anger. "I said – come here! Or shall I have Haggar torture your little friend there?" He gestured at the witch, who suddenly held Pidge in her grasp.

"Don't do it, Princess!" Pidge yelped.

Allura looked stricken. She couldn't let something happen to Pidge – not when they needed everyone to get out of here. She stepped forward and when she was within reach, Zarkon pulled her roughly on his lap. Allura resisted at first, but Haggar's low laugh stilled her. She glared at Zarkon hatefully but he only laughed, his face showing each horrible wrinkle and line.

"Very good! You'll learn to be obedient yet.." Zarkon's eyes were hooded as his fingers stroked her shoulder. Just his touch and nearness repelled her as nothing had ever done in her life.

Allura gritted her teeth. "You think you've won Zarkon, but you haven't!"

With surprising speed, Zarkon grabbed a fistful of her hair and yanked her head back painfully. Allura could feel his hot breath on her face. The guys tried to stop him but they writhed in pain as Haggar, anticipating their actions, zapped them.

"You will NOT speak unless I ALLOW you to, wench! You're nothing now! All of you are nothing but slaves to me which I'll use as I see fit!"

He abruptly let go of her hair and pushed her head forward. He watched with gratification as he saw the beginning of tears in her eyes. He knew that the Princess despite all her bravado, would be an easy one to break. Soon enough she would know firsthand his might on a more intimate level. Just the thought of that made him wish to hasten the battle and conquest of Arus.

But what Zarkon did not realize was that Allura's tears were not a sign of her weakness but of her strength and her anger. She gave the guys a look which told them she hadn't given up. They would get out of this somehow, but Lotor was uppermost in her mind. Allura knew now that she had loved him for a long time, but had denied it because of the things he had done.

"Haggar!" Zarkon bellowed as Allura winced. "Tell Akira to hurry it up!"

"As you wish, Sire!" Haggar smirked as she tweaked Lance's chest with a taloned fingernail. The sooner this was over, the sooner she could break in her new slaves! She disappeared but not before making sure her new men were secured.


Lotor held his own, using the Black Lion's comparable smallness in comparison to the large Doom Voltron to his advantage – or at least he hadn't bit the dust yet. However he had the feeling that Akira was only toying with him – something he did not like at all.

~I must find a weakness!~ Lotor thought. ~There's ALWAYS a weakness..~

But the more he racked his brain, the less anything came to him. He tried every strategy, but the other Voltron seemed immovable. Keith smirked as he watched the Black Lion make pass after pass around him, firing his weapons at his mecha's vulnerable spots, but Keith was sure there were none. After all, he knew about Haggar's magic first hand. But -

Keith shook his head. What was he doing here? Why was he so angry? Why did he hate his friends, Allura? He didn't understand! He was supposed to defend Arus, not -

Not – NO! Allura was a slut, she gave herself to Lotor and so she needed to pay! Lotor needed to pay! He grimaced. It was time to end this – now!

Lotor saw the Voltron come to life and he took evasive action as it charged toward his lion. His only advantage was his lightness and speed, but that would cease to be an advantage if he didn't find it's weakness. What really bothered him was the fact that a part of him felt sorry for Keith. He was working for a man – no a monster who would use him until he ceased to be useful – just as he himself had done. A pang of guilt wracked Lotor but he had no time for that, no time -

"Lotor.." Zarkon's voice cut into his thoughts. "I thought you'd like to see that your new friends are alive and well... " Lotor looked at the image on his view screen and his blood boiled. He saw the VF men and he knew exactly what would become of them in a glance. But it was seeing Allura seated on his father's lap as he groped at her that made his blood boil with rage!

"You – will – die, Zarkon." Lotor would never call that fiend 'father' again.

"Oh no, it's you who will die." Zarkon played with the strands of Allura's hair, inhaling it's clean scent. "I'll finally be rid of your incompetence and I'll be rid of Voltron at last!"

Lotor closed the transmission, unable to speak, the rage taking him over. He would not fight against Keith – no, he would destroy that flagship. Better that Allura and the others die than to be under Zarkon and Haggar's thumb!

~Forgive me, Allura... If there is any mercy in the universe, I pray we'll meet in the afterlife... ~ Lotor closed his eyes very briefly and then as he opened them, he smirked. He knew that his father's flagship, while formidable, did have a flaw, and he would use it...


Keith saw the transmission at the same time Lotor did and he simply stared at it, transfixed. He hadn't even heard Haggar appear behind him.

~Lance, Hunk, Pidge... ~ Keith felt anger rise up in him. They had been humiliated. They were his friends, his – his – had been his teammates! He forced his eyes to look upon Allura, and instead of the familiar rage, he felt sick inside. He saw no whore, no traitor, but a young woman sitting on the lap of a monster. By the look on her face, she was sickened by Zarkon's nearness and even more so as Zarkon pawed at her.

~What have I done?~ Keith's eye widened. ~What have I done?~

'Ahem... " Haggar's voice cut through his thoughts. "Having problems, dear Captain?"

"Huh?" Keith shook his head as he continued to watch the image.

"Any DAY now!" Haggar tapped her foot and crossed her arms.

"I – was wrong... " Keith muttered. "I was jealous. Jealous that she wanted Lotor and not me – even though I didn't – didn't feel worthy of her. I did this... "

"What nonsense are you talking about?" Haggar demanded. "The Princess and her friends are traitors!"

"No!" Keith whirled in his chair. "They're not! I AM!"

"I see your nobility is showing, Akira... " Haggar frowned. "But I can rectify that. Destroy the Black Lion now!"

"No... " Keith suddenly turned back to the controls, a look of determination on his face.

"NO? No one tells ME no, fool! If you won't, then I will MAKE you!"

Haggar however, didn't notice the mad little smile on Keith's face.

"I know what to do... hehehehe... oh yes... you put all this knowledge into my head, yes you did!"

"What ARE you babbling about!" Haggar stopped short.

Keith pressed a series of buttons before Haggar could stop him.

"Self–destruct in sixty seconds... fifty-nine... fifty-eight... "

Keith's grin was wide as he propelled the huge Voltron forward. Haggar screeched as she realized the situation. The self destruct was irreversible!

"See?" Keith laughed softly. "I shall redeem myself!"

Haggar cursed as she teleported back to the flagship, but – nothing happened!

"My dark magic is being blocked!" She hissed. "Damn you, Alfor!!"

Keith yelled into the com knowing it would reach Lotor. "Lotor! Get them out of the ship!"

Lotor, who was flying the Black Lion at breakneck speed toward the flagship, dodging laser fire all the way in, veered off at the last minute. Akira's voice – it wasn't the same! In fact it was old 'noble' Keith that he heard!

"No you DON'T!" Haggar screeched as she grasped Keith by the throat, choking him. "I'll send Zarkon and his ship away and your friends will be lost to you forever!!" The staff she was holding glowed a sickly green, signaling its power.

"Lotor! Allura – get – them – out – the ship! Gonna blow – up!!" Keith tried pulling out of Haggar's grip.

"You couldn't get noble before this... " Lotor grimaced. The fool was going to die, and yet Lotor actually admired him for that. But the least he could do was save Allura and the others from his father...

Part 12

Inside the flagship itself, Zarkon impatiently drummed his fingers on the side of his throne as he watched Black Lion maneuver around their dark Voltron.

"Damn it! Why doesn't he finish him off?" Zarkon growled.

"Sire! Sensors show that our Voltron's power levels have fallen!"

"WHAT? Akira! What are you doing!!" Zarkon rose out of his seat, dumping Allura on the floor. Suddenly the ship rocked. Lance, Hunk and Pidge fell to the floor, but they could move! Either the spell had worn off or Haggar was losing her touch. Now was the time to strike.

"Fire off of the port bow!!" A crewman yelled.


The fleet was being engaged by both the Arun and Polluxian Fleets, which had descended upon the Doom fleet like locusts.

Zarkon, however, didn't notice that Allura was watching him from her vantage point upon the floor, nor that she was removing the stringed bikini top she wore.

Another blast and the lights went out in the ship.

"DAMN YOU LOTOR!!" Zarkon thundered. He just KNEW it was Lotor and that damned Black Lion!! Where in the HELL was Haggar when he needed her!

"Main power grid hit, Sire!"

"Don't tell me something I already KNOW! Get the auxiliaries ON, or I'll – "

"Urk!!" Zarkon grunted in surprise as he felt the princess tighten her grip around his neck.

The guys were not idle either, for they used the darkness to their advantage, using their chains to fight the crew of Doom soldiers.

~Allura! Get out of there now!!~ Allura was fighting to keep her grip on Zarkon's neck, but she was losing.

"Lotor!" Allura didn't even feel it when Zarkon tossed her on the floor. She scrambled up as quickly as she could, and screamed, "We've got to get out of here, now!!"


The Lions roared as they changed – the Doom guards running as they saw the ships transform into the Lions. Of course this alone would not induce them to run, but the lasers coming out from their eyes did. When Allura and the others miraculously reached them, the Lions were ready and the pilots were in them within seconds.

Seconds was all they had!


"Curse you, Alfor!!" Haggar found that she could not create any magic! None at all in fact! And trying to fight Keith for control of the ship proved daunting to her physically, for without her dark magic to aid her, she was not physically strong to keep Keith from heading the ship into the path of Zarkon's flagship. Why didn't they know unless – Lotor! He knew any weak spots in that ship. He could have cut off communications! It was too late now for them, unless the Dark Gods she served granted a miracle!

"Haha... sweating now, Haggar?" Keith grinned. "Only ten seconds to go!"

"You ARE mad!!" Haggar cursed again. Keith only laughed. His salvation was near!


"Coran! Clear all forces out of the area!!" Lotor felt his heart beat faster until it threatened to burst. Allura had heard him, but would they get out in time?

And then...


'Ten – nine – eight –'

"Allura, guys, I'm – sorry – " Keith said over the com.

"Dark spirits I beseech thee!" Haggar muttered in a language no one knew.

'seven – six – '

"Damn you all to HELL!" Zarkon thundered. "MOVE!!"

"All power is negative, Sire!!" said the one remaining crew member of the bridge.

'Five – four – '

"Allura, where ARE you!!" Lotor swung the lion around for another pass as the grey–black Voltron loomed practically on top of the flagship.

'Three – two – '

Haggar raised her hands, a beautiful horrific smile on her face.

"Fire... Fire will cleanse me... " Keith giggled for a moment. "One, two, buckle my shoe... Alfor, I am sorry... " Keith stared out at the flagship, no, it was just a big grey thing before his eyes. It was just as well.

'One – '

WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMM!!! The Doom Voltron exploded and crashed into the flagship itself and a massive fireball formed. Smaller explosions were everywhere, and just when Lotor had decided to throw himself into the explosion, the four lions shot out of the destructive firestorm like avenging angels. Lotor's heart leaped in joy as he saw them...


In the midst of rebuilding and celebrating their victory over Doom, they mourned Keith. Days after the battle, a memorial service was held for Black Lion's old pilot, for in the end, he had sacrificed his life to save his teammates.

Of course it wasn't mentioned that he had at first turned traitor, but in the end he had redeemed himself for Arus – or perhaps it was for himself. At any rate, Zarkon and Haggar was gone, leaving Lotor free at last.

It amused him and surprisingly it saddened him that now HE was the ruler of Doom itself. He couldn't say why it saddened him, but at night when he dreamed, he dreamed of the one time his father had shown kindness to him – when he had been small and had tried to lift up his father's sword. His father – Zarkon – had chuckled approvingly and had helped him lift it, calling him his son, and how great he'd be someday.

But that was a long time ago, and now he had the future to consider. Allura was pregnant with his child – would she consent to marrying him now? Even after all that had happened, Lotor was still unsure.

Allura, too had decisions to make. Sometimes as she tried to get back into the routine of daily life, she would pause and touch her abdomen, wondering at the small life inside her womb. The baby was hers and Lotor's. She knew she would keep it, but how did Lotor feel about it now? Her father could approve all he wished, but he couldn't make Lotor want something – could he? She, too was unsure.

It was hard on the guys – but especially hard on Lance. He missed Keith. He missed his friend. It just wasn't the same without him. He knew that it'd be easy to blame Lotor, but it wasn't Lotor's fault. Keith had done what he had done and in the end he had shown his true colors – that of honor and self–sacrifice.

Still he missed his friend and always would...


A month later...

"Allura, you wanted to see me?" Lotor asked as he came into the room where she sat at her desk.

"Yes... " Allura looked a little nervous. They had stayed away from each for the most part, each unsure about the other.

"What is it?" Lotor came closer. He could see the bloom in her cheeks. Motherhood was agreeing with her so far, despite her bouts of morning sickness.

"Lotor... " She cast her eyes down for a moment and then focused them back on him. "Do you love me – truly love me?"

Lotor's face was solemn. "If you wished it, I would leave Arus, never bothered you again... "

"But do you love me?"

"I love you." Lotor said quietly. "I've loved you from the moment I saw you. I want to stay with you. I want to see our baby grow, hear you complain about being fat... "

Allura grimaced as Lotor chuckled. He bent down on his knee before her. "I want to hold our baby in my arms... hold you in my arms, love you... grow old together – I never pictured myself growing old with anyone before – I just love you and I would do anything, even leave your life forever if that's what you want, Allura. I'll treasure the memory of what we shared forever."

"Aw, Lotor... " Allura leaned forward and took his hands in hers. "It doesn't have to be a memory at all."

"You mean?" Lotor raised a brow.

"If all those countless proposals of marriage are still open, I accept."

"You do?"

"Yes." She kissed him on his nose.

"YES!!" Lotor shouted and Allura giggled.

"Say it!" Lotor gripped her shoulders.

She knew what he wanted her to say.

"I love you, Lotor."

"You mean it?"

"Yes. I mean it. I want you to love me and I want to love you back."

He brought her down into his arms, tipping her off the chair in his excitement.

"Whoops! The baby... " Lotor suddenly felt contrite. Allura, however, felt something else.

"You know, we won't hurt the baby if we were to – " Allura blushed.

"Do you?" Lotor now felt his passions rising.

Allura responded with a deep kiss, which led to other things.

And of course the inevitable happened – they married.


"Push! One more push, Allura!" Lotor gripped her hand and endured the bone crushing grip as his wife labored to bring their firstborn into the world.

"I see the head... " Dr. Gorma murmured. "Give us a good push and – "

"ARRRRRRRGGGGHHHHHHH!" Allura screamed and gathered all her remaining strength to push.

A baby's cry filled the room.

"And there's our new Crown Princess!" Dr. Gorma took the squalling baby. He looked at Lotor. "Would you like to do the honors?" Lotor nodded and cut the umbilical cord.

"Let me – see her." Allura looked dazed and exhausted. Lotor beamed at her. His hand was now numb, but he didn't care. Allura and their daughter had made it.

"Here she is... " A nurse placed the new Princess, swaddled in a receiving blanket, in the crook of Allura's arm.

"She's beautiful... " Allura smiled with tenderness at her small daughter.

"So tiny... " Lotor shook his head.

Allura giggled. "Look at her hair – it's all white like yours!"

"I like her mother's hair personally."

"You're sweet... "

"I try." Lotor's heart soared. He knew now that they had both changed for the better. He would do right by Allura and his newborn daughter and never would the shadow of Doom fall upon them again.

Allura looked at the tiny bluish face of her daughter and smiled tiredly. Today she truly felt, well, grown up. There was no pretending about it now. She had a responsibility to see that her daughter grow up as well as she could. Lotor, too would be a good father – already Allura could tell that their little one had him wrapped around her tiny finger. As if in unison, Allura and the baby yawned simultaneously and Lotor chuckled.

All was well on Arus, for the Queen and King had a new heir who would one day rule both Arus and Doom.

Allura was truly a woman grown...


Time had no meaning here... here where the shifting shadows ruled. Sometimes they would talk to Keith, confuse him. Sometimes they looked like Haggar and Zarkon. He would fight them sometimes but not always. Confused, so – confused! Revenge – no – redemption!

"Come my boy... my son... " The voice cut through the shadows. Keith knelt upon his knee and bowed his head. He felt the cold touch upon his dark head and smiled. He was accepted!

"That's a good son... " The voice said approvingly. "Soon... very soon, we shall depart this place... "

"I am good?" Keith dared to look up at the familiar face.

"Of course you are!" Zarkon grinned down at Keith, his voice holding just a hint of derisiveness.

"I am good." Keith nodded.

"Keep saying that... my son... " Zarkon chuckled as he seemed to float away.

"Yes – father." Keith nodded and watched as the shadows enveloped him once more...

The End