Marking of the Days

by Sincline Koutaishi

Artistic License

Hello, curious humans. The Marking of the Days is an accounting of a subject less often touched upon—The life and culture of our far reaching Empire in the Western Arm of the galaxy. It centers around the times of our King and Emperor whose life has been much followed by our peoples and many others over the years and begins with the death of his father, the former King and Emperor.  The tales contained herein are not intended for young humans as they often contain matters of war and other such rather mature themes. We hope that you will find the reading enjoyable and educational both.

Hanta Sansol
Royal Attendant & Advisor
Master Teacher - Ethics / Protocol / Language
Namida Academy, Satnatari Prefecture, Forth
#232 Office Complex Akol

Brief Journal Entries

The Day After

I've been waiting a long time for this.  The wait was more than worth my while. You are finally dead, my father.  You lived far too long for any of our goods.  How many hundreds of years?  Let us just say that I was glad to make the trip back to see you pass your final breath.

And so another madman has gone into the ether. I am left to clean up your mess and to make some of my own. Time to let the generals and commanders know who is the new leader. 

The King is dead. Long live the King...


Amazing. The halls seem to be quiet with the knowledge that you are gone from us at last. I am still feeling a great amusement in the simple thought that I needn't watch my back so much any more. No more of your sick entertainments with trying to have me killed at every odd turn. It is almost too relaxing... I think I need a drink.

 My worst enemy has fled this mortal plane....

Parting gifts

It seems that my hesitancy to relax in this place was a correct feeling. For some reason—as I came to my long deserted chambers—I thought better about having a drink or two to celebrate my father's passing... And instead decided to call in the bomb squad.  It turned out to be a fine idea.  10 cluster bombs, 3 poison gas canisters, one spring-loaded dagger, and several other unimaginative implements of destruction were found concealed within the rooms. It is so nice to know that even in the throes of illness, father was still thinking of his son. Perhaps he decided that he did not wish to have his rightful heir assume the throne when he was gone.  Perhaps he thought I would come back to gloat or finish him off more quickly and wished to beat me at my own game.

There will be no relaxation for me here. No matter, I never liked this place at any rate.

 And to think that after my travels I didn't
bring him a souvenir. Shame on me...

Less comfortable surroundings

After the search of my chambers brought about the death of one of the bomb squad, I have resolved to find my way to the barracks to have some true rest. It will not be nearly as comfortable as a soft bed in a royal chamber might be, but at least I will be alive. It has been days since I have slept properly and it is beginning to wear on me. There are things to do and I can not afford to be short on focus.

I have ordered my chambers sealed up for the protection of everyone in the castle. Nothing in there that I can not live without. The 102nd Division of the Royal Armed Forces is being rounded up and returned to my service piece by piece.  I will be glad to be amongst loyal soldiers.

When I find the barracks at last and the 50 or so of the 102nd that have returned, I am glad for their company and short on humor for their questions.  Of course I understand. It is an odd thing to be pulled off the borders for no direct reason. I will have to wait until their Commander returns before letting them know my plans. It is hard to keep this news from spreading but I must keep it quiet.

By gods it smells terrible in here.

 No news travels faster than that which one does not wish to spread...

The Miracle of Sleep

Have you ever slept like this? Slept like you have never slept before? Like you never felt was possible? Feeling your mind completely subside to a tide of rest. Feeling the weight of life lift from you and being replaced by utter warmth and release. That is the kind of sleep I have found. Where every breath is slow and deep and washes away any mortal worry. So relaxed that when my sleep is disturbed I can not shake the feeling of it to react. Strange circumstances. Feeling weight all around and upon me, a hand pressing against me suddenly. Muffled voices filter into my ears. There is no light. The hand withdraws and more muffled voices. My heart is pounding, trying to fight the sleep that has come to my tired body like an illness. There is motion in the weight that I feel about my body. It is growing lighter. And then light itself creeps in, filtering through my closed eyes.

"Mmmh." I protest, feeling cool air infiltrate the warmth of the womb.

"Why did you do this to him??"

"Commander, the 53rd was sneaking around here and we did not wish to have them find the Prince."

"He looks like laundry!"

"It was the best way to hide him, Commander. Just to throw our flight jackets on him. No one has much noticed anything being out of place."

"Rrrggh. He could have suffocated under all of this."

"We kept checking on him."

"Why is he down here anyway?"

"Commander, he said that there were explosives in his chambers. The castle guard has said he has ordered his rooms sealed off."

"I see."

"Have you seen the holes in the side of the castle??" Another voice. "I felt the whole place shake!"

"No I have not... Settle yourselves." The Commander scolds.

I begin to pull the jackets back on top of my head, to return to the dark and warmth.

"My Prince." The commander is crouching down by the bunk I have been covered upon and is trying to prevent my sleep, pulling back the jackets that I have tried to reclaim, "My Prince."

"Bother me not." I mumble, hardly able to command my own mouth to form words.

"You should be somewhere more secure."

"I am fine here... Bring Hanta back."

"Ehm? Hanta will not come back here. You know that."

"She will come. Bring her."

"My Prince, she will refuse."

"Details... Tell her I need her to come back now. Leave me to sleep until I am ready to wake myself. Go." And finally I return to the darkness without ever having opened my eyes, listening to the muffled talking I have left behind.

"You and you... Stay with the Prince. You ten, distribute yourself at the entrances to the barracks. Let no one in. Understood?"

"Yes Commander." They speak in unison and I hear their motion as the warmth claims my mind again, taking me away from their world. Not even dreams disturb my sleep again. 


I find myself returning to the waking world. My new friend—rest—has left me to my own doings. And so I immerge from the warm nest and yawn loudly and stretch, taking notice that my rebirth is entertaining the troops. The group that has been left to keep watch is playing cards, some standing at attention by the entrances. There are about 20 officers watching me... And then they stand and bow.

"Welcome back." One of them offers in jest.

"It has been a long journey." I remove myself from the jackets, now sitting on the edge of the bunk, and marvel at the pile. "Where is your commander?"

"He has gone to run the troops. They should be back shortly, highness."

"Good... I need food." My stomach is complaining of being neglected for too long. I rise slowly, still feeling sleep's grasp slipping from my mind.

"Should we call to the castle kitchens for you, highness?"

"Is there nothing to be had in the barracks? Where have the cooks gone?"

"There are cooks, sire, and food, but not the best of it."

"No matter. Anyone else?"

They all join me for the march to the main hall. We are met along the way by other contingents and divisions. They have been hearing strange things from this world and while they are respectful and bow as we pass, their expressions speak of their concern. The fact that the 53rd has been lurking around is disturbing. Their commander has always been loyal to my father and hateful-at best-toward me. As a result the skirmishes between the 53rd and the 102nd have been deadly on many occasions. The in-fighting has always annoyed me, yet I am never one to back down in the face of a challenge... I keep my eyes open for any signs of danger.

The food is not the best by far, but it is more than adequate for my needs. It is filling and not poisoned. The commander of the castle guard finds me here with my troops, more of which have been arriving as we have been sitting to our meal. They are talking about the enormous holes they have seen in the side of the castle as their various craft have been landing outside on the platforms. I am in hopes that the security crews have at least contained the fire at this point. It is apparent from the conversation that the damage from my father's gifts has been quite visually spectacular.

The commander leans close, "Sire, we must talk." He says quietly, "It is urgent."

"It can not wait until I finish my meal?" I growl at him, not happy to have my meal interrupted by work.

"It can, but not much longer." He is looking nervous... But then he always seems to look this way. Perhaps that is why my father has kept him around so long.

"I will find you when I have finished." I assure him.

"Yes, sire." I watch him hurry out of the hall and wonder what the bother is.

When I finish my food and head off to find him again, the troops come back from their run. Hundreds of them flow past, running through the halls to the barracks, and to the showers. They all greet me loudly as they pass and for a moment I find a smile creeping across my face at the cries of respect. Then an arm goes about my neck, half choking me. Fortunately it is a friendly gesture as the commander has seen fit to accost me in a playful manner.

"Where the hell have you been?" He asks as I shove him off of me.

"I have been busy..." I smirk at him, "Come with me and you will see with what."

"You are confusing the troops, my Prince. What is going on here that you have called us all back?"

"That too you will know. Be willing to keep your mouth shut about it."

"I am." He nods and continues to walk down the halls with me. "The Information Ministry seems to be doing just that. Is that resounding silence your doing?"

"Indeed... With the help of sub-commander Banrek. You know how much he cares for them. And so he was glad to go and keep watch over their mouths for a while."

"I can imagine that he was! Perfect job for him really."

"What of Hanta?"

"I was hoping that you would not ask."

"Rrhh. You did not reach her??"

"I did reach her. She refuses to return. If you want her back, you will have to talk to her yourself. She is quite happy being back at the Royal Academy of Namida."

"She can teach when she gets old." I grumble.

"Again, I would say you should speak with her. She will not listen to me."

"What reason did she give?"

"The usual, my Prince." He laughed, "She is angry that you left without word for so long... She hates this place and she hates your father. She will not tolerate either for another moment of her life." He listed.

"Then she may be happy on at least one point."

Coming out of the barracks and into the main body of the castle we find the palace guard at the entrance. They bow as we approach.

"Where is your commander?"

"He is in the royal wing, sire."

And so there we go. The commander of the castle guard is with some of his higher troops by my father's hall.

"What is all this about?" They jump noticeably, "Commander!" I feel my patience waning and scowl as he hurries over.

"Forgive us, sire. This recent turn has us all nervous."

"What is the problem?"

"The Medical staff wishes to know what you would have them do next. You have made no arrangements... They are waiting for you inside your father's chambers."

We follow him inside and see that most of the castle's medical staff has gathered here.

"Highness." The senior staff member approaches and bows briefly, "Sire, you must let us do something with your father."

My commander shoots me a look, cocking an eyebrow my way.

"You will do NOTHING. He will stay where he is until I am certain it is over. Let him rot where he is. Then I will be satisfied that he is dead!"

"Forgive me, sire, but he is very dead. You must let us make his arrangements... He is beginning to decay for certain."

"I do not believe it."

"Come and see for yourself." He casts his hand in the direction of the bed and so I take up his offer and approach the bedside, feeling a bit of panic rise as I see the outline of the body beneath the sheet.

It has been two days since I have seen them pull the sheet up over his head... And I almost expect that he will suddenly sit up and laugh at me, calling me a fool for thinking him dead. There is a bad smell here and it takes a great deal of effort to reach down and pull back the sheet. There he is... Dead indeed as last I had seen him, and beginning to return to dust. A sick wave of emotion washes over me as I yank the hideous gold crown off his head and drop the sheet, grimacing at what I have seen.

"Take his body and burn it to ash. Return the ash to me. You will speak to no one of this. Is that understood?"

"Perfectly." They all bow again as I turn heel and march out of there, determined never to return again.

My commander keeps pace and grabs me by the shoulder in the hall, "Your father is dead?" He hisses in my ear.

"Very dead." I feel my jaw setting against a renewed wave of nausea and brush him off, leading him into a side hall and down another to guest chambers. Here I slam the door behind us and hurl the crown across the room, watching as it dents against the wall and falls with a clang to the floor. By Gods, that felt good.

"Did you kill him?" He asks.

"No... He died on his own. My only contribution was to be here for the last few days of his existence, making him angry with the knowledge that I would still be here after he was gone."

"I am sure he never thought you would outlive him." My commander's eyes are wide with disbelief, "You are the King!"

"Yes, I am." I turn and smirk at his expression, "And you are my second in command, Shilne. How does it feel?"

"Horrible!" He laughs. "Are you going to tell me where you have been for the past season?"

"No I am not. Suffice it to say I was doing some things with myself that will be of assistance under these circumstances."

"How did you find out he was passing? No one could find you when you left."

"The old witch... She has her ways about her... I have heard from the castle guard that my father found out she had sent word to me and imprisoned her. I am surprised that he succeeded. I have not yet inquired as to where she is. I do not think I wish I know."

He nods and takes a seat, "Why so much silence about this? I would have imagined you would be screaming with joy from the balcony!"

"I have ideas, Shilne. Things that require the silence. I would like to pass these ideas by yourself and Hanta before proceeding. Those who know of what has happened have been told that their lives will be forfeit if they let this news out of their mouths... I will need to contact Hanta myself it seems." I frown and cast a look about to see if I can find the comm-panel. It takes a short while to track her down, but finally she is on screen before us.

She sees Shilne first as I am working on the view angle, "Augh, it is you again." She groans, "Leave me alone, Shilne."

"No." He makes a face and starts to sing a child's taunt to her. Shilne has always been a rather playful creature for the highly trained killer and military commander that he is. His humor has been a great relief over the years. "You love me." He winks at her angry expression.

"I do not at all! Ugly thing." And then I come into view, "And you as well. How lucky I am." Her voice is dripping with sarcasm.

"I am happy you feel that way."

"The both of you can leave me alone!" She thrusts a finger toward the viewpoint on her side.

"How can you refuse my request to return?"


"Why did you leave?"

"Why?? How can you even ask me?? You left me with your father! That horrible horrible man! How could you??"

"It was not something that I had planned, Hanta. I hope that you will forgive me." I bow my head to her slightly.

"It is inexcusable!" She is furious, her face coloring.

"Please... Settle yourself." I sigh, "I know that I can not begin to repair what ever it is he did to you while I was absent, but I do need you to return. I promise you that it will not be for long... Does your husband not miss being here? Think of him!"

"He does not miss it. He has taken position in the Namidan Enforcers and is quite pleased with life. He will not likely give it up to go back."

"Ah, well, he will not need to. You will be back with him soon enough... There will be a cruiser waiting for you at the main port. Be on it in the next hour."

"No! Are you deaf?? NO!!"

"Hanta... Please do this favor for me." I do my best to look as needing as possible, asking her to return instead of telling her.

She sighs, "Can't you find anyone else?"

My new strategy is working and so I continue, "I can not. You and Shilne have the honor of being the only ones that I truly trust... Come along. Will you?"

She folds her arms and thinks about it then sighs, "I will be there shortly... You had better be not fooling with me in saying it will only be for a little while."

"I would not dare to suffer your wrath. You have my word."

She frowns at me before cutting the communication, "Ah can you feel the love?" Shilne chuckles.

"Not nearly." I frown and shake my head, turning my attention back to him instead of the blank screen.

"Are the holes in the castle really gifts from your father?" He smiles.

"Yes, presents for his son's return. I have had the wing closed off. One of the bomb squad lost his life in my rooms. Several others were injured. Whatever I have left in there is not worth the destruction."

"No fancy clothing for you for a while."

"I would prefer to have limbs over clothing."

"You are blessed by the Gods to even be alive from what I have seen on the outside. What are you going to do with that?" He nods toward the crown on the floor.

"Mmhh... Melt it down." I go and gather it up, admiring the damage I have done, "No time like the present." I turn to go.

"Yai yai! Wait just a moment."


"What should we be doing??"

"Wait for Hanta to return. Until then, enjoy being amongst the troops and keep clear of the royal wing."

"That is all??"

"Yes... And keep your mouth shut. I know how you love to talk." I smirk at Shilne to let him know I am kidding with him and then turn to go find the keepers of the crown jewels. I wonder what the old bastard has done with his scepter. I want to melt that down as well. All of these trappings of royalty—obscene.

I find the commander of the castle guard on my journey and bark at him to come along with me. He jumps into step quickly. The vaults are being well guarded still and I shove one of them out of the way as he thinks to question me, slamming his back against the doors that are blocking my path.

"Open the doors!" I fume at him, "NOW."

They hurry to do so and I push past them into the main receiving hall. The royal jewelers and the treasurers jump with surprise as the doors swing open and I come marching in. I am pleased that the frown I am wearing is enough to get everyone in the room moving.


I stop and glare at the head of the group, "Silence!" And then I see it. That ugly scepter in a glass case. They were hoping to keep it safe, "Rrrhh." I make for it and raise the matching crown over my head to smash the case, suddenly surrounded by these people and their pleas to calm myself, "GET BACK FROM ME!" I cast my arm around, knocking most of them back and then once again I raise the crown and bring it down, smashing the case. The sound of it is wonderful.

"Sire!! Stop!!"

"If you value your lives you will SHUT YOUR MOUTHS." I grab the scepter and yank it free of the demolished case, scattering more glass. I grin at the weight of the hideous thing in my hand, "Now you will do something worthwhile." I wield it like a sword, smashing every case in the room, throwing the contents to the floor while they look on in horror.

Finally my work is done and I throw the scepter across the room. It goes skating across the stone floor, throwing up broken glass in its wake, coming to rest at the feet of these people.

"Who is the senior member of this staff??" I follow it across the floor, drawing my sword and watching them all take a step back, "Speak!"

"Sire... I am." One of them urged out.

"Then I will hold you responsible."

"For... For what?" He gulps.

"All of these things that I have removed from their casings... You will melt them down."

"But, Sire! They are the crown jewels!!"

"They are an abomination. And I will not tolerate them! Do you wish to argue this point with me??" I punctuate my speech by thrusting the end of my sword under his chin.

"No, Sire!" He backed away further, "What do you want done with the metal?"

"Pour it into a block the surface size of a writing tablet and bring it to me... If I find one single piece still in existence, you will be melted down."

"Yes, Sire."

"Commander, you will keep watch over these people to make sure they are doing honest work. Understood?" I sheathe my sword again.

He nods and jumps aside as I march out of the room, glass crunching under my boots as I go... And smiling.

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