Bass Ackwards Romance Part 3

(Allura, Lotor and the rest of the VF and everyone else belong to World
Events Productions. Adult situations and general silliness abound. -  Tam)

It was Monday and battles were hard on Mondays because well, it was Monday
for heaven's sake. However, Lotor was quite ready for his semi-weekly battle
with the Voltron Force. His father, however, deemed it that they would attack
Arus at night, instead of the day, since everyone would attribute the attack
as something that would happen on a Monday and thus be prepared! Zarkon, in
his questionable wisdom, deemed that the forces of Doom would strike at 12:01
am Arun time on a Tuesday, which suited Lotor fine.

Allura, however had spent the night pacing and pacing her floor, wondering
just what to do and not really questioning WHY she was doing it. Her dreams
when she slept at all, were filled with Lotor undressing and taking her in
his strong arms. Oh, the details! Oh! The romances! Oh! The -

Drat. Was she going to have to take a cold shower AGAIN?

As she looked upon the rising Arun sun, she had an was insidious she
supposed but it might just work! She would simply need a little bit of
Pidge's help..

"Yeah, I think I can cut through their codes this week and get their attack
plans." Pidge replied.

"I need them TODAY. It's Monday, remember?" Allura looked a bit impatient.

"Well I can - " Allura abruptly grasped Pidge by the collar.

"YOU WILL!" Allura yelled and then released him

"Eep!" Pidge squeaked and then typed away, hacking and cracking into the Doom
defense sys command.

"Well?" Allura stood behind him, tapping her foot.

"Got it!" Pidge beamed. "They're planning to attack at 12:01 am, our time,
Tuesday morning!"

Allura clapped her hands. Perfect!

"Thanks, Pidge!" Allura gave him a resounding kiss on the cheek and Pidge
swooned and fainted. Consequently he fell and hit his head and remembered
nothing of the conversation. Allura, anticipating this, sat down in his chair
and started typing in some things that would be caught by the sys command
center. Surely Lotor would be alerted to this and hopefully NOT Zarkon. She
shuddered at the thought of that disgusting evil man. Oh this simply HAD to


"And so, I have it on good authority that the Doom Forces will be attacking
the island of Boreo at 12:00 am Tuesday morning.." Allura said gravely to her
teammates and Coran.

"Boreo? But what's there?" Hunk asked.

"I'm sure it's something Doom want's it's hands on, team." Keith said soberly.

"But Boreo's main industry is - cat litter." Coran made a skeptical face.

"Exactly!" Allura raised a finger."It's for Coba, Hagar's cat I bet!"

"All that for kitty litter?" Lance leaned back in his chair in his usual
careless style.

"Look, aren't we defenders of the Universe or what?" Allura put her hands on
her hips. "That includes Boreo's kitty litter industry!"

"She's right, team!" Keith stood up. Everyone cringed at the word, 'team' -

"Now then, we'll go to Boreo and defend it against Lotor's minions!" Allura
said with gusto. She saw that Nanny looked a little annoyed.

"Yeah!" Keith banged his fist against the table.

Allura grinned and then did the unforgivable.. she spit into the potted plant
that was nearby. Nanny looked like she would pass out, but with Slavic
backbone, she grabbed Allura's arm.

"Dat's IT! You're going to your room and study being a Princess! I vill haff
NO spitting in dis Castle!"

"Nanny, you can't DO that!" Coran protested. "Don't you remember what
happened LAST time? Lotor broke into her bedroom!"

"Ach! Lotor's not after her no more.." Nanny glared at the prime minister.
"Besides, you vant Blue Lion pilot, you fly or I fly but she's NOT. I vill
have NO Princess EVER spitting like some common boy in dis Castle again!"

"No! No!" Allura stamped her foot. "I don't WANT to be locked in MY room! I
want to defend Arus, dammit!"

"Ach! Cursing! Dat's IT! You're going RIGHT now to your room!" Nanny dragged
Allura off kicking and screaming. The Voltron Force looked at each other.

"NOW what?" Lance asked.

"We'll figure something out, team!" Keith smiled goofily at Lance.

Everyone gritted their teeth and silently wished they had duct tape to the
secure their captain's mouth with.


Meanwhile, on Doom..Sys Command had recieved a garbled message mentioning
Prince Lotor but couldn't quite make out the unusual code. They alerted
Prince Lotor to this since he was the Commander at the moment. When Lotor
recieved the message, he laughed, for it was in pig latin! He remembered as a
child, a slave teaching it to him. No wonder those fools couldn't decipher
it! Whoever sent this must have been taking a great chance. He deciphed the
message and a grin spread over his features. Allura had done this! He was
SURE of it. He would definitely send his robeast AND his fleet to Boreo for
sure. Things were definitely looking up indeed..

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