Bass Ackwards Romance Part 4

(Allura, Lotor and the rest of the VF and everyone else belong to World
Events Productions. Adult situations and general silliness abound. -  Tam)

It was 11:59 pm, Monday night and Allura paced her bedroom agitatedly. The
guys had left five minutes ago and Nanny had retired for the night - at least
she hoped so! As Allura paced the floor, her light pink gown trailed behind
her. It was a gown that Nanny didn't know that she had and if she HAD known,
would have fainted over it's provocativeness. It was nearly see-through and
it had been something Allura had packed in her trousseau. Her long golden
hair was undone, freshly washed and dried and it shone in the Arun moonlight
that filtered in her room. On purpose, she had left the large french doors
unlocked, hoping upon hope that her plan would work.

12:00 am. The appointed time. Allura sighed as she turned the lights out and
laid upon her bed, rearranging the gown to where it looked most appealing.
She was nervous as all get out, knowing that anything could happen. Still she
hoped as she had never hoped before. She just HAD to prove to herself that
Lotor still wanted her! She certainly wasn't going to spend the rest of her
life with Keith and his 'team' fixtation. Allura shuddered at the thought.


At 11:59 pm, Lotor's Fleet entered the area of Boreo, armed with a robeast as
usual. The only difference was that the robeast was a specially made stock
item resembling a cat. It was part organic, part magic and part mechanical.
It did everything a cat did only it was MUCH bigger.

When the four lions - okay it was five since Coran was piloting Blue Lion
with all the gusto of a Sunday go to meeting driver - the pilots thought they
would be in for an easy time. Boreo turned out to be just about nothing BUT
sand with a few tall buildings in the center.

"This is going to be EASY!" Lance crowed. "We'll be back at the Castle in no

"Get ready, team!" Keith was tense. Hell, he was ALWAYS tense.

"Hey, where's Lotor's ship?" Pidge asked.

"Probably got bored with the whole thing!" Hunk downed a couple of Twinkies
to subtain him.

"Yeah!" Lance agreed. "Well, let's whup this kitty! Hey Coran, how you doin'?"


"Ooo..the Princess isn't going to like THAT." Lance grimaced.

"Let's go Voltron TEAM!" Keith yelled as he saw the robeast heading for the
sands of Boreo.

"Oh my gosh!" Pidge squeaked. "Is it doing what I think it's gonna do?"

"Yike! The turd alone will sink Boreo!" Lance exclaimed.

"Not ta mention STINK!" Hunk added.

"BLEEEEECHH! Ohhhh..."

"Let's go, Voltron Force! We've GOT to prevent that robeast from crapping ON
the island!"

"Glory be!"Lance exclaimed. "He didn't say TEAM."

"TEAM!!" Keith crowed happily. "TEAM! TEAM! TEAM!!"

"AAAAAAHHH!" Lance's eyes crossed.

Nevertheless the five lions gallantly went into the fray..


MEANwhile, at the Castle of Lions, a figure slipped undetected on the Castle
grounds, his dark cape flowing behind him. The figure looked for a particular
room and his keen cat-like eyes instantly found it. He tried the fragile
French doors and they were unlocked. Smirking to himself, he slipped in
quietly and steathily, locking them behind him.
Of course the figure was Lotor, and his eyes instantly came upon the feminine
figure upon the bed, so artfully arranged. Gods, all he wanted to do was jump
on the bed and make a woman out of her, but still he restrained himself.
Deliberately he made a sound and the figure on the bed stirred a little. Oh,
how the moonlight shone on her body! Oh! How delicious she looked! Oh! -

Hey, he wasn't stupid. He wasn't wearing leather pants tonight! Comfortable
cotton this evening..

He made another sound and the figure on the bed - Allura made a slight noise
of annoyance and sat up. She turned on her lights and glared at Lotor.

"Well?" She asked.

"Well what?" Lotor asked nonchalantly.

"Aren't you going to ravish me?" Allura shrugged a little, letting the strap
of her gown fall off her creamy shoulder.

"Uh, I hadn't PLANNED on that, actually." Lotor still fenged indifference
although his jewels were definitely diamonds tonight!

"WHAT?" Allura's eyes grew wide.

"Well, I hadn't planned on any ravishing really. Just scouting around a
little, I admit."

"Scouting AROUND!?" Allura swung her legs to the sides of her bed. "Are you
GAY or something?"

Lotor kept himself from chuckling.

"I mean you do wear those tight leather pants all the time.."

Was it him or did she look disappointed?

"No, I'm NOT gay, just well, not really interested." Lotor shrugged

"NOT interested! NOT interested!" Allura stood up and marched over to the
tall Prince of Doom. "You chased me for YEARS and now you say you're NOT
interested!" Allura furiously yanked at Lotor's arms and brought him down to
a searing kiss that would melt titanium.  She broke the kiss after a moment
and Lotor noticed her rapid breathing.

"NOW are you interested?" Allura asked.

Lotor shrugged. "Eh that was nice."

"NICE!?" Allura's voice scaled up a notch. "Only NICE?"

"Yeah. Now if you'll excuse me, I - " Allura cut him off with another searing
kiss, this time parting his lips with her tongue!

Again she broke the kiss and asked, "Now?"

"It was - mildly interesting.." Lotor made sure that his lower regions didn't
get anywhere NEAR her, else the game would end too soon.

"Ooooooh! I give UP!!" Allura hands clenched into fists and then her blue
eyes suddenly flashed wickedly. "No, I still have ONE ace up my sleeve.."
Abruptly, she yanked down her gown, exposing everything to the Prince's gaze.
Lotor's hands clenched into fists. He couldn't take it anymore. All this
pretending and now she was offering herself to him! But dammit, he didn't
just want her to want sex, he wanted her to want him - to love him! Dammit

She had turned out the light and let the Arun moon shine into her window.

"Lotor.." Allura said softly. "Aren't you even interested in me anymore?"

"I - uh... well, your refusals.." Lotor swallowed hard as her hands crept up
his uniform.

"I'm not refusing you now, am I?" Was it him or was her voice a touch more

"I didn't ask." Lotor bit his lip, trying to hold on to his last shreds of

"Lotor.." Allura sighed. "I - I .."


"I - refused you because I was attracted to you. I couldn't just give in,
don't you understand? It just isn't DONE. Don't you know your proper
proceedures for Villain/Princess Relations?"

"Allura.." Lotor was shaking as he took her wrists to stop her progress.

"I love you.." Allura whispered huskily. "I love you even though you're
Zarkon's son and you've done so many things and yet you never tried to
deliberately hurt me.."

"You - you do?" Lotor swallowed hard again.

"Um hm.." Allura smiled. "But I won't be your slave or your Queen just to be
on display. My people are important to me. I won't be a pawn of your father's
or you."

"I - know that.." Lotor sighed as Allura leaned against him.

"Ah ha.." Allura smirked. "You ARE interested!"

She had felt the royal jewels against her thigh and she started to hum,
"Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend", when -

"Yes..dammit YES!" Lotor released her wrists and with a sudden lunge sent
them both tumbling into her bed.


It was morning and dawn was just rising as the Voltron Force staggered back
to the Castle.  They sat, exhausted and dazed around the breakfast table, as
Nanny got breakfast for the guys and Pepto-Bismol for Coran.

"Was it quiet here last night, Nanny?" Lance asked.

"Well, yes, although I did hear some odd noises during the night. I suppose I
was dreaming."

"Good morning, all.." Allura showed up in the doorway, with a robe on, and
behind her was the Prince of Doom, attired in the same thing!

"Lotor! You fiend!" Keith sputtered as he stood up. "Team! We've got to save
the Princess!"

Nanny looked like she was going to have a heart attack!

"Ach! My baby! Don't worry! We'll SAVE you from that beast Lotor!"

To everyone's surprise, Allura laughed.

"I don't NEED saving from Lotor, do I, darling?"

"Nope." Lotor grinned uncharacteristically. Love and sex did wonders for
one's attitude. He had lost count of how many times they had tripped the
lights fantastic together.

"OH MY GOD!" Nanny did faint, which caused the dishes to rattle.

"Oh dear.." Allura looked down at her prone Nanny.

"BLEEEEECH!!" Coran retched.

Everyone wrinkled their noses.

"TEAM!" Keith blurted out. "We have a catastrophe on our hands!"

"Didja HAVE ta say CAT?" Hunk eyed Keith warily.

"Did you have to SAY Team?" Pidge added.

"TEAM!" Keith looked wild-eyed. "We're all a TEAM, people! That's what I
learned in Galaxy Garrison! Why if you didn't act as a TEAM, you'd be put in
the little yellow room with the big LIGHT bulb shining in there day and night
listeing to the military marches of Sousa! Oh yes! TEAM!! We're a TEAM and no
pointy eared Prince is gonna break up OUR TEAM!!!"

Keith lunged but Hunk put him in a head lock as Lance came running back in
with the duct tape.

"TEAM! Bwhahahaha! TEAMWORK!! Yeah!! TEAM! TEAM! TE- Umpppph! Mmmppph!!"

"Thank god for duct tape!" Pidge sighed.

"You two go along.." Lance said, looking at Allura and Lotor. "It's obvious
that you two were MADE for each other, and 'sides, I think Keithy here is due
for a looong rest."

Allura and Lotor looked at each other and grinned.

"Well?" Allura asked.

"I'm - interested." Lotor playfully raised a brow, and Allura laughed as they
strolled off back to her bedroom.

And they lived happily ever after!


The End