Bass Ackwards Romance Part 2

(Allura, Lotor and the rest of the VF and everyone else belong to World
Events Productions. Adult situations and general silliness abound. -  Tam)

It was hard for Lotor NOT to simply rush in during battle and chase after
Allura in her Blue Lion. And it was hard not to manipulate the situation to
where she'd have to give in to him, but he did it, wondering if she was
worrying yet. He made sure the stock robeasts or his Fleet of the week didn't
try to damage the Blue Lion, but not to where it LOOKED that way. Oh this
simply HAD to work, since after all it was his first real plan where he
didn't use magic or anything like that. Heck, damned if all those years he
spent in therapy didn't work out to something!

But still he didn't know if Allura was worried over his lack of response to
her yet. He knew that each time they engaged in battle now, she stopped
spouting out refusals and somewhat heroic phrases. Instead she remained quiet
- so quiet that Lotor could hear her teeth grind everytime Keith said,
'team". He hoped she wouldn't ruin her teeth that way!

One day, however, Lotor's efforts were rewarded. It was the same sort of
battle they always engaged in - disposable Fleet and requisite robeast. Today
he had the robeast stomp around some deserted village so that the lions would
remain split up. He watched patiently as four of the lions went towards the
robeast and the village. Only the Blue Lion stayed behind.

"Princess, what are you doing? We need you!" Lance cried out.

"Princess! What ARE you doing? We need you.." Everyone held their breath.
WOULD Captain Keith say ONE sentence without the word "team" in it? Alas it
was not to be.

"Because we're a TEAM!!" He finished his sentence.

Collective groans from the rest of the Voltron Force were heard. Allura
ground her teeth and several of the robotic guards on Lotor's ship went into

"Keith.." Allura ground out. "You go handle that robeast. I'll stay here."

"But Allura, the team. - " Keith started to say.

"DO IT!!!" Allura yelled.

Lotor beamed with pride. Damned if that yell couldn't be heard from Doom
itself! He had always loved her backbone..and her tailbone..that shapely rear
end..her curves..her hair.. her face..that round..

Ow. Damned leather pants!

The four lions raced to the robeast, each man determining that Allura had a
serious case of PMS and thus should be left alone for the moment. By this
time, they were pretty sure Lotor had lost complete interest in the Princess
and even Arus. These 'battles' were getting pretty routine.

Allura sighed nervously. What WAS she doing? Oh but she simply HAD to know!

"Lotor." Allura said into the com.

No answer.

"Lotor..." Allura said a little louder.

STILL no answer.

"Lotor, you're a monster!" Allura tried to bait him.

Augh! Why wasn't he answering? Was he in the bathroom or what?

"Lotor.." Allura paused. "Take me I'm yours!"

Nothing! Not even BREATHING!

"LOTOR!!" Allura yelled in frustration.

"Hmmm? Oh. It's you." Lotor replied in a deadpan voice.

Allura blinked. "Yes it's ME, the Princess of Arus! The one you said would be
your Queen!"

"Oh THAT." Lotor affected a bored tone in his voice.

"Yes, THAT. You tried to blow up Arus, threaten my people, kill off my
friends, all so you could have me as your slave!"

"Oh. I really don't know WHAT came over me, Princess. I DO apologize."

"WHAT!!?" Now Allura was MAD.

"Really, I'm SO sorry! Lapse in judgement. Never happen again. I assure you."

"You - you - you.." Allura sputtered and finally said, "Never happen - again?"

"Of course, Princess! It does get boring doesn't it? I know you're quite glad
and all. Whoops! Here come your TEAM - I best be off!"

"No! Wait!!" Allura shouted but Lotor's ship took off like a rocket and was

When they came back to the castle, they sat at the large dining room table
where they ate Nanny's delicious cooking. Allura, however, picked at her food.

"What's the matter, Princess? You're not eating a bite!" Nanny admonished.

"Not very hungry, Nanny.." Allura looked at her plate.

"Ach! It's that terrible Prince Lotor again, isn't it? Well I'm glad he's
been chased off!"

Allura sighed deeply. She certainly wasn't!

Meanwhile, on Planet Doom, Lotor was containing his excitement. Allura had
actually  begged him to wait! Oh! The irony! Oh! The exquisite thrill it gave
him! Oh! The -

Damned leather pants!! He grimaced.

Oh it was hard..(yes THAT) but he simply HAD to wait and be patient. He had
to play it out until - until..

Damned leather pants!

Well he had to play the game out until he either lost his princess for all
time or won her.


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