(*Author's butt-in: This story is loosely based on the Voltron episode in which Princess Allura gives herself up as a slave to Prince Lotor in exchange for saving the Planet Arus-I played around with some stuff, but the story is basically the same, just more detailed....just a note, this occours before the storyline of Reap The Whirlwind.......enjoy! tfl) (*Author's butt-in 2: In the big story I've been writing, Zarkon promised Allura to Lotor after he defeats Voltron - I didn't mention it here in this story. Let's just assume that Lotor ran off to Arus to get Allura before ol' Zark could say anything bout it.....'kay? Good...read on! tfl)

First Date

Prince Lotor was in his starcruiser on the surface of Planet Arus when Princess Allura was brought in unconscious, obviously stunned, by the guard who shot at her. Prince Lotor was enraged! He had ordered that no one harm a hair on her, and this idiot shot her.

He yelled at the guard, "Tell me, you idiot! Why did you stun her?" He walked towards the guard who was still holding her.

The guard looked very scared-he had reason to be. Prince Lotor was unpredictable, his temper a legend. The guard lowered his captive gently to the floor and starting backing away slowly. The frightened guard said, "Your Royal Highness, she was getting away. She-she had changed her mind-a-and was heading back for the castle!"

The Prince's face was still angry. ...The fool!.... He whipped out his lasersword to the guard's horror and came closer still. The guard was terrified now - he had a wife and a new baby son, he couldn't leave them to.....Suddenly, the guard was no more-Lotor had sliced him in half with his sword. There was little blood, for the laser cauterized the halves of the guard's body.

Lotor turned to another guard, who stood there transfixed, and said, "Well, you fool! Get rid of him! Now!" The guard quickly complied, not wanting his end to be the same.

Lotor walked over to where the unconcious princess lay on the floor and gazed at her. He thought she was more beautiful up close. He had made a good decision coming here to Arus to get her. He thanked his lucky stars she had a noble heart - nobility certainly worked to one's advantage! ...Nobility is one of the greastest expressions of love.... a fleeting random thought entered his head. Bah! He was a child when he was taught that- it just simply wasn't true. He shook his head to clear it, bent and picked up his capitive.

She was so light in his arms - she felt like she was made for him alone. He carried her over to his room and shut the door behind them. Lotor laid her on his bed, sat down and gazed at her again. He was in awe of her beauty - it seemed to beckon to him, to lure him. He thought how appropriate her name was -- Allura - yes, she was certainly alluring.....As he did with many women before, he surveyed her form upon his bed. She was perfect, he thought. She was petite,(compared to himself, for he was tall), her legs were long and shapely-from what he see from the uniform she wore. She was slim yet she had soft curves everywhere, tempting a man to run his hands along them. And her face-her face was soft, feminine. Her lips were pink, shaped like a bow-gently curved. They were full, lush-slightly pouty. Her skin looked smooth and silky. She had a glowing, fair complexion. Her eyelashes were long and dark-they stood out like dark cresents upon her face. She had a small beauty mark near the corner of her right eye - perfectly placed upon her face. Her ears were delicate and lovely.

Her crowning glory was her hair. Myriad shades of gold made up the thick mass. There was even a hint of some chesnut brown in the strands which contrasted well with the gold. It was bound up right now. Lotor found that he wanted it down so that he could run his fingers through it. He itched to do everything to her. Never had he been so affected by a woman before- and he had had many. Lotor couldn't resist running his hand along the curves of her body as she lay there. An electric shock went through him as he did so. He quickly removed his hand. He impatiently wished she would come out of it soon, for he wanted her - badly.

As if on cue, she started to stir, making a slight noise. Lotor thought....she's coming out of it, good....Then her eyes opened. They were as blue as a summer sky. Lotor thought they were very beautiful.

Allura suddenly raised up, fully awake. ...Wha-where am I? Oh no! I remember! I was running back to the Castle when something hit me!....Her eyes widened as she saw Prince Lotor, prince of Doom sitting on the bed with her.

He smiled at her and said, "Welcome to my starcruiser, Princess Allura. What brings you here?"

Allura wished she knew. She felt like a complete idiot. She knew everyone at the castle would be worried sick about her. And the guys-the guys would never let her fly with them again. This was the most stupid thing she had ever done - next to flying Black Lion without permission.

She sighed. Now she was in a real mess-without her, they couldn't form Voltron, and Lotor's fleet was out there-surrounding Arus, ready to destroy it. That was why she came - to save Arus. What was one life compared to many? Not much. At the last minute, though, she had changed her mind, intending to run back to the castle so that they could form Voltron. But then, the blast came from behind, and now she was here with the son of her father's enemy, King Zarkon.

Prince Lotor took his hand and jerked her chin. "Princess, are you listening to me? What brings you here to me?"

Allura's eyes flashed with anger and annoyance. She said, "You know perfectly well why I'm here! Your fleet is out there threatening my planet! I have come to negotiate terms with you! I have no choice!"

Lotor laughed and said, "Negotiate terms-- what a pretty way to say that you surrender!"

Allura was really angry. "I do not surrender-not to you or your father."

Lotor said coldly, "Leave my father out of this, Princess, he had nothing to do with this--besides, you have no choice but to surrender yourself to me. If you do not, my fleet will bombard your planet, and I will have you anyway... and with you here, there is no Voltron! Don't let such a noble cause go to waste, my dear!" He flashed an irritating smirk.

Allura sighed heavily and said, "What are your terms, Prince Lotor?"

He quickly grabbed her hands and said, "Why, Princess... I simply ask that you become my slave! If you promise to please me and serve me to my satisfaction, I will call off my fleet and leave Arus alone. Now, give me your answer, Princess... time is of the essence! My men have itchy trigger fingers - why, one of them might fire, and then another and another, until everyone is destroying your planet!" he laughed gleefully.

Allura looked at him and said, "You will promise to leave my planet alone if I become your slave?"

Lotor looked at Allura with victory in his eyes and said, "Well, my lovely, I don't really promise anything... but then again, you don't have much choice, do you?"

Allura's eyes flashed at him again. Lotor thought that she was very spirited. Well, he would channel that spiritedness in the appropriate direction - in his bed.

She lowered her eyes as if making a decision, raised them up to his face, and said softly, "I will agree with your terms, Prince Lotor - but I do this for the sake of Arus. I will be your slave and I will serve you well- if you leave Arus alone."

He smirked again and said, "Good, we have a bargain then - let us seal it..." With this, he grabbed her, pulled her against him and kissed her hard.

Allura struggled with him to break free, but he had a very strong grip. She stopped struggling, and waited for him to stop.

He pulled away and said huskily, "I think you shall be my favorite slave, Allura..."

She noticed he didn't call her 'Princess' any more. Allura was angry. "What about your fleet? Call them off! Otherwise, I will not cooperate with you!"

Lotor was amazed. This girl dared order him - Prince Lotor? She was in no position at all to do so. He took his hand and slapped her lightly. "You are my slave now, Allura, and you will not question me, but obey me - in everything."

Allura's eyes filled with tears. Not from the slap, but from frustration. She begged. "Please, Prince Lotor, I will do everything you wish, but I beg you, please-call off your fleet."

Lotor suddenly felt a flash of tenderness towards this girl. For some reason, he didn't like to see her tears. He would accomodate her, but she would obey him-or else. Lotor left the bed and hit a comm button. He barked an order for the fleet to stand down for now and move a short distance away from Arus space. He walked over to the bed and stood over her - tall and intimidating. He said menacingly, "Allura, I have done what I said I would do... Are you now willing to do as you said?"

Allura said shakily, "Yes, Prince Lotor, I will..."

He smiled in satisfaction. "Good, Allura... For starters, you may call me Lotor - when we are together..." Which will be often as possible, he thought, looking at her up and down.

Allura was nervous now. She wondered if the guys would come for her in the Lions or -- she didn't want to think of what would happen next. This Prince was determined, she could tell. He would not be put off by pretty words or excuses.

He still stood over her when he said, "Stand up, my pretty slave! I wish to see more of you..."

Allura shivered. She did not like the sound of that at all. She stood up and faced him.

He smirked that irritating smirk and said, "You're brave, my pretty slave! You're not scared of me?"

She blurted out, "No! I'm not scared of you..."

Lotor looked into her beautiful eyes and said, "Good, Allura... You have no reason to fear me as long as you please me... It's very simple, really." He reached for her and ran his hands down her body slowly.

Allura jumped. No one had ever done that to her before! Oh, sometimes at a royal ball, a visiting prince would steal a kiss or two, but would go no further. Nanny and Coran watched her like a hawk and made sure no one took advantage of her, but now--there was no one to stop this Lotor. She shivered again--whether it was from cold or from what he was doing, she couldn't tell.

Lotor noticed her nervousness, smiled and said, "Allura, my pretty, are you... untried?"

Allura was shocked at his personal question. How dare he! She forgot she was supposed to be his slave and said, "That is none of your business! How dare you! " and then she slapped him in the face!

Allura's hand flew to her mouth. Oh, no! She forgot! Now because of her stupidity, Arus would be destroyed! She backed away from him, her eyes wide.

Lotor's eyes narrowed dangerously and he stalked towards her as she backed away. Allura fell back as the bed caught her on the back of her knees and caused her to fall upon it. Before she knew what had happened, Lotor was upon her, pinning her down. His face was very close to hers. Allura feared his next words. He said softly, almost tenderly, "I will let that go, Allura, since you are new at this, but next time, I will not be so lenient. Now tell me, my slave... Are you untried?"

Allura could do nothing else at this moment, so blushing furiously, she said, "Yes, yes I am."

Lotor smirked that most irritating smirk and said, "How appealing... Well, we shall soon take care of that, won't we!"

Allura was scared. Would they come before he--? She wasn't sure anymore.

Without warning, he swooped down and kissed her. She let him do so. Then he raised up and looked down at her - her face and then her hair. Lotor said in a low voice, "Take down your hair, Allura, I want it down..."

Allura thought, maybe if I do this, I can stall for time- perhaps I can make my way out or the guys will come... Lotor released her arms and Allura proceeded to take the combs holding her hair. As she did so, her hair came tumbling down, hanging down off the side of the bed.

Lotor didn't waste any time. He leaned his body down on her, took his hands and ran his hands though her hair. He thought deliriously, her hair, so beautiful! Like silk, like the rest of her must be... Lotor helplessly buried his head in the crook of her neck, kissing her there.

Allura let him, thinking that perhaps if she could pretend to give in, she could get away somehow!

Lotor was lost - he had never felt like this about anyone! He felt like a callow boy with his first woman instead of just one of many women, but he sensed something about her, a presence, a light, that made her so different from the others. It seemed as if he had dreamed of her perhaps, for she was familar and yet not. She would be his favorite - he knew she would be. He wanted only her. There was magic in her for she bewitched him without trying.

He lifted his head and gazed into her eyes. He thought that he could look into them forever. Strangely, he wanted those eyes to look upon him with desire, with love. He had never wanted that before from a woman. He only wanted what pleasure he could get from them. If they happened to get pleasure from what he did to them, so much the better - for he was an accomplished lover - this he knew. He bent down and kissed her pretty mouth.

At first, she did not respond, but then she kissed him back softly. This small kiss - from a virgin - thrilled him more than the most sensual woman ever did. He was enraptured by this girl. She didn't deserve to a slave - he found that he didn't want her to be after all... Why, anyone could take this beauty! A guard, an officer, even his father! Lotor wanted her all to himself.

He could marry her! She could be his Queen! Wearing only the finest clothes and jewelry. Sleeping on fine silk - with him. Her only purpose in life would to make him happy! It was a wonderful idea! He groaned with delight as he kissed her again.

Allura wondered if he would ever let up from kissing her. She thought, probably not. Oh my, he kisses so nice! She had to admit, no prince ever kissed her like that! But he is such an arrogant jerk, and he is so cruel - and his father, his father is Zarkon...

Lotor finally raised up from her, his eyes aglow with passion. He said, "Allura, I will make you my Queen. You are too beautiful - too fine to be a slave - you deserve a royal husband, you deserve me..."

Why, that arrogant, conceited jerk! If he thinks I'm going to jump at his offer, he's crazy! Allura thought. She blurted out, "What makes you think I would marry you - you jerk!"

Lotor's eyes narrowed and he said, "You're refusing me, Allura? No one refuses Prince Lotor..." He swooped down on her again, this time his hands in her hair, pulling it. She gasped with pain, and then he kissed her hard and long, as if frustrated with her response. He raised his head and whispered, "You will be mine, Allura. You are mine! I will make you mine now!"

Allura thought, Oh boy! I'm in trouble now! She said bravely, "The Voltron Force will come for me, Lotor!"

He simply smirked at her and said, "My fleet will take care of your friends, Allura. Meanwhile, I shall enjoy you - thoroughly - then you will marry me, and you will be the most beautiful Queen in all the Galaxy..." He raised up and lifted her up with him, his hands on her waist.

He looked down at her in her uniform and said, "Take that uniform off, Allura. You won't be needing it anymore. I want to see you - touch you..."

Allura was affronted. She said, "No! I will not! Not for you!" He smirked and said laughingly, "Oh, don't do it for me, Allura, do it for your precious Arus! Remember my fleet? It's right outside! All I have to do is call them, and they will blast your precious planet out of the sky! What will it be, Allura?"

Allura was still angry, but knew that unless a miracle happened soon, she was going to have to do what he wanted. Allura didn't say a word. She simply turned her back on him and started to undo the top button of her uniform.

Lotor stopped her and turned her around to face him. He was still wearing that damned smirk! Allura wished she could wipe it off his handsome, arrogant face.

Lotor said, with a chuckle, "I want to see all of you, Allura. I think perhaps I will help you..." His hands started to undo her uniform top.

Allura didn't move, for she knew Arus was at stake. She prayed for a miracle as Lotor started kissing her again as he undid the buttons slowly, murmuring her name.

He had reached the button that would undo her top completely. He smiled, looking into her eyes arrogantly. He knows he's won, Allura thought despairingly, as he undid the button. Lotor prepared to slip her top off, exposing her, when suddenly, the ship was rocked by an explosion outside. This knocked Allura and Lotor off balance.

Allura landed on top of Lotor. Before Lotor could grab her, Allura bolted up and quickly kicked Lotor hard on the shin and ran - fast! Her top was undone, flapping behind her - she didn't care! She wouldn't let her catch her again if she could help it. Uh oh! He's right behind me! She ran faster, but he was gaining! Suddenly, he grabbed her arm, wrenching it.

Lotor said angrily, "You're not going anywhere, Allura! And you will pay for kicking me - I will get full payment from you, I promise!"

Just then, another blast from outside rang through the cruiser. Allura thought she heard the familar sounds of the - Lions!!! They're here! she thought. She needed to get out of here!

She knew that they would not hit the cruiser if they knew she was in here. She had to do something! Wait... I know... Lotor still had her by the arm, his expression still angry. Allura gave him a soft look and put her free arm around his neck. This suprised Lotor from the look he gave her.

Allura leaned up against him and put her face up to his - close enough to kiss him - which she planned to do... She said softly, "Lotor, please, I'm sorry. It's just that I am scared... You're so - so masculine... (oh, brother!) ...and I'm not... experienced... Please, forgive me. I will make it up to you. I can't resist you, you're so handsome... I just want to make you happy." And then, she kissed him on the mouth - a very sexy (she hoped) kiss.

By this time, Lotor was mesmerized by the change in her. Dear God, she glows with this light! She's beautiful... Oh, that kiss! God, she's sexy! He let go of her arm and slid her hands on her waist. I knew she couldn't resist me, Lotor thought smugly. Allura kissed him again. (not wanting to admit she liked the feel of his lips on hers)

He was relaxed now. Good, now lets see if this judo hold works! She moved her hands to the right position without him realizing it. She made herself relax so he wouldn't suspect a thing... Then, WHAP!! She flung him over in a perfect judo move! She thought crazily, it worked! I did it!

Lotor laid there, stunned. That little - ! She tricked him! She's gone! And Allura was. She ran outside of the cruiser, the beleaguered guards ignoring her.

Lance, in Red Lion, spotted her first. She was trying to button her top up quickly. He sped down to her position and picked her up to safety.

The fleet around Arus was getting pummelled by the rest of the Voltron Force - pretty good for three lions! Lance sped off towards the castle, where she was throughly chewed out by Nanny and then Coran - who then nullified the chewing out by giving her hugs and being glad she was safe and sound - for now. Later the guys said they were sorry that they were so rough on her earlier. Allura was definitely glad to be back home.

Lotor ordered his fleet to retreat back to Planet Doom temporarily. He knew that now that Princess Allura was back at the castle , they would be able to form that damned Voltron. One day, he would defeat Voltron, conquer Arus, and get what he wanted most in all the galaxy -- Princess Allura.

His eyes narrowed as Arus grew smaller and smaller in his viewscreen. One day she would be his Queen -- he would see to it.

..............Years later, Allura and Lotor would each think of this incident and consider it a miracle that they even got together at all........